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The Amazing Race recap: 'Choir Boy at Heart'

Teams must sing in German before the Vienna Boys’ Choir; tragedy ensues

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Amazing Race 09

The Amazing Race

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Phil Keoghan
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“Me and this guy could really use a million bucks,” Danny, of Tim and Danny, reminds us AGAIN at the top of tonight’s episode. Sadly, the Oklahoma boys are eliminated from the Race after losing an unannounced grammar challenge as well as the leg’s established choir boy challenge.

Seven pairs remain. Everyone’s on the same train to Warsaw except a group of four termed “the Ice-ghanimals” by Marie: Afghanimals Leo and Jamal, plus Ice Road Truckers: Norway Edition stars Ally and Ashley. The Ice-ghanimals catch up to the group during a four-hour clown-saturated layover, so it’s an even playing field by the time they all arrive in Vienna at 6:40 a.m.

Leo and Jamal lie to everyone and say they didn’t U-Turn Brandon and Adam in the last leg. “It’s like, just be honest for once,” complained Amy. I’m not sure why they lied. “We wanted to stay in the Race ourselves” is a perfectly acceptable answer; any team would have done the same in that Double U-Turn situation.

The train approaches the station. Ululation abounds! Teams make their way to Vienna’s Opera House, where they’re greeted by Rigoletto, the titular hunch-backed court jester from Verdi’s operatic masterpiece. The contestants probably don’t know that, though, so to them it’s just a weird costumed dude who infuriatingly keeps changing direction and muttering “Something for you…you need it… me want one, too!” (That’s him muttering, right?) He may be a distant Austrian descendant of Cookie Monster.

Detour: Light Brigade or Masquerade? Much to my chagrin, no one chooses to properly assemble an elaborate crystal chandelier only to have it CRASH TO THE FLOOR when a chamberlain deems it inappropriate. So we follow teams to an elegant Viennese ball, where they must match their own intricately designed masks with the mask of a waltzing couple.

NEXT: All Austrian resources have been poured into a plot against Pinky as she can’t find a taxi