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The Amazing Race recap: 'Part Like the Red Sea'

Teams feed elephants and construct wooden instruments in Indonesia; final four teams are….

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The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

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Phil Keoghan
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The five remaining teams meet up in the Abu Dhabi airport to catch the same overnight flights to Indonesia (through Singapore), and frankly I’m surprised Travis and Nicole can even see the rest of their competitors from way up on that high horse.

“We wanna be a beacon for God’s light to show through us, so people can see that you don’t have to resort to lying or cheating or stealing, or do any of those things that we just consider not a good part of anybody’s lives,” says Robodoc Travis, who seems to forget they are on a COMPETITIVE REALITY SHOW. It’s fine for a robot to say he wants to run the race as a good person. But a beacon for God’s light?! I’m gonna go out on a huge limb here and suggest that perhaps The Amazing Race is not necessarily God’s jam.

Jamal and Leo accidentally sleep in, which to be honest I’m shocked doesn’t happen more often but then again, I’m an irresponsible, lazy ass when it comes to getting out of bed. We’re supposed to think the Afghanimals don’t care enough about the competition. Maybe they don’t. But they’re easily the most entertaining team left at this point, and the only person I really, really like out of the top four teams is Tim. So I can’t be mad at the latecomers. It’s no fun to dislike everyone.

The Afghanimals encounter God’s Gifts at the airport for a dramatic showdown: Why did the RoboDocs U-Turn them in the last leg? “You guys told us you did not U-Turn Adam and Brandon.” Uh. Really? Jamal’s dumbfounded; the reason is even dumber than he’d imagined. This brief interaction allows for another Travis soapbox-balancing-atop-high-horse moment: “You just can’t believe ’em… it’s tough for us because we just live our lives differently.” Boo hoo. It’s so hard to be a good person in an evil word. I’m so sorry.

Travis assures us he and Nicole won’t “stoop to that level” for any number of millions. You know what, dude? I’d lie a million times for each million dollars offered to me. IT IS A GAME. (Sorry. Maybe that’s not true — but the RoboDocs’ morality-lesson confessionals are becoming painful.)

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