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The Amazing Race recap: A Chance For Redemption

Teams put on their thinking caps and dance belts and got a chance to strut their stuff

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Jaymes James
Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Amazing Race

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To whom do I express my sincere spacibo for bringing THE PROFESSOR into my life? Who is this actor? He should have a show! I’d watch it. The series could revolve around an exacting professor with a prickly exterior — but a secret soft side just below the surface — who pushes his students to achieve more than they ever thought they could in his (hybrid) field of expertise: geography-math.

But the professor was just one ingredient in tonight’s stew of glorious entertainment. I’ve always been fascinated by historical performers/impersonators who commit 100% and stay in character no matter what – and those cats at the cocktail party did just that. Add to the stew some zany taxi drivers and a whole lotta teams helping out other teams. And dancing! Can we please stay in Moscow forever?

First we had to finish the last episode.

The pool was closing so the Beekmans had just one more shot at the synchronized swimming routine. They didn’t nail it, which was sad, but you know what’s not sad? Brent’s diving. And the way his body simply refuses to somersault underwater even when every single cell of his being is devoted to the effort. I’m already a fan of Team Beekman but this pool madness just sent my affection for Brent through the roof. For their failure to complete the detour, the Beeks were hit with a four-hour penalty (to take place during the next leg), and then they, along with Abbie and Ryan, were off to the Trees of Love. Here, roles were reversed; Abbie was tapped out, and Josh, who turned out to be a Trees of Love Challenge prodigy, tenderly lent her a hand, literally picking her up off the ground. I like this little family! Proof that good things can come from adversity — or missed airline connections, anyway. Did Ryan call Josh “Joshie?” Pit Stop time was next, and the weary foursome arrived at the mat to learn that whaaaat they’re all safe whaaaat?!

The Rockers, who’d been toiling away trying to find their lost bags — including speaking to the “conceire” — went to say goodbye to Phil but goodbyes were not in order; not surprisingly, it was a non-elimination leg. Phew. Well, kind of phew. Sure, the Rockers would live to see another leg, but without Abba’s passport, they wouldn’t be able to check in at a Pit Stop, or, say, go anywhere. Their mission for the upcoming leg would be threefold: 1) find their stolen bags, 2) complete all the challenges, and 3) do their Speed Bump. All of this on Abba’s broken knees. Seemed pretty much impossible. But those dear Rockers aren’t the type to throw in the towel.

“Are you telling us we have another shot?” asked James, who had suddenly turned into a character in an after-school special.

“Yeah, I’m telling you you you’ll be eliminated really soon, just not right now,” Phil didn’t say – but basically said.

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