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The Amazing Race recap: Russian Around

A cliffhanger episode leaves unfinished business and questions

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Trey Alexis
Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Amazing Race

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Let’s put it this way: if I was asked to render an interpretive painting of tonight’s episode, it would be a splendid, colorful picture of a group of people crouching in wait. The setting would be a forest or jungle and everyone would be hiding behind bushes and boulders and various fronds. They’d be lurking and poised to jump — yet staying very, amazingly still. Some of these crouching figures might also be concealing a weapon, like a fistful of pebbles or a sharp branch. Obviously everyone would be wearing goggles and multi-colored flowered bathing caps – and also probably matching body-skimming red tank tops in honor of the ones the Chips wore tonight that made them look like adorable man-babies in onesies.

This episode was a quiet one, but it wasn’t boring-quiet as much as it was quiet in a tense, utterly exhausting way. Some stuff happened tonight, but a lot of stuff that is about to happen did not happen yet. It feels like big things are on the horizon.

Of course I’m referring, in large part, to the cliffhanger episode that ended with a TO BE CONTINUED. Big deal! Only three teams officially completed the leg tonight, and at the point where we left off, one team couldn’t check in at the Pit Stop because of missing documentation while two others were half a day behind everyone else on account of a travel snafu.

But it’s not just that. There’s other unfinished business, too.

There’s the stolen money debacle, which I have a hunch isn’t over yet. Phil tweeted last week that it’s not against the rules to keep lost money found on the ground. Phine. I’m not even going to get into that mess right now. But normally Phil likes to shoot the shiz with the teams about significant things that happened to them during the leg, so the complete absence of any Missing Money chatter — last episode and this one — is noteworthy and indicates there may be more to come.

Also, that pact between Abbie-Ryan and the Beekman Boys sure piqued my interest. It smells of drama and I have the sneaking suspicion it will unfold into something tasty (or gross). But more on that later.

On to Mother Russia!

Our six remaining teams had to get themselves to Moscow, and a few entertaining things went down before they even left the airport.

In trying to buy tickets, Lexi mixed up Aeroflot and Alitalia and dealt with her confusion by throwing up her hands and heading to Popeyes for some red beans and rice. I figured it must be some editing Jiu-Jitsu; surely she and Trey wouldn’t just wander off to the Food Court before securing their airline tickets? Since they’re in a race for a million dollars and all? But then we saw them later with a paper cup in hand walking up to The Twins, and they indeed seemed to have not bought their tickets yet. Bizarre.

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