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The Amazing Race recap: Girl Behaving Badly

A double U-Turn raises the stakes; one team learns that yelling will get you everywhere (you don’t want to be)

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Gary Will
Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Amazing Race

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My dear friend Kelly, who is a seasoned world traveler, once told me a very, very cute thing: Every time she used to travel somewhere — beginning with her middle school’s field trip to visit Washington D.C. — her mom would say “Remember that you are an ambassador to your state, your country, and the entire Ewing family.” So adorable and so true. Unfortunately, though, it seems Brittany’s mom forgot to teach her daughter this lesson. This terrible traveler’s chastising, barking and whining basically provided the soundtrack for tonight’s episode; girlfriend was cringetastic and at several moments during this leg made me to want to bury my head under the couch cushions. But! There is a sunny side to all this: After last week’s disheartening dose of Nice Guys Finish Last vis à vis Amy and Daniel, this week it was pretty damn gratifying to see some sweet justice be done come Philimination time.

Leg three, y’all!

From the jumping off point at the bustling market in Surabaya, teams had to find Antika Jaya restaurant to pick up the next clue. The Twinnies headed out first and were not about to let their buddies Trey-Lexi head in the wrong direction. “Texas, Texas!” they shouted, shepherding them right. When the foursome found themselves momentarily stumped about how to proceed, the Twinnies suggested waiting for some other teams and tagging along with “the stupid Chippendales.” All of it seemed kind of sibling-ish, actually: the looking out for one another, the leaning on each other, the insults. I loved it.

We were treated to a few top-of-episode musings from a few teams this week. For instance:

• Ryan talked about the challenge he and Abbie face due to their extremely competitive natures as individuals. “It’s really hard to race as a couple because sometimes we’re competitive with each other? I just think that’s our nature, Abbie with dance and me with jiu jitsu?” he said-slash-inquired in what I’m now discovering is his very distinct Ryanian lilt. “Obviously physically and mentally we can handle the race — it’s can we handle each other?” For real though? Because we haven’t seen any fighting or tension from these two yet and I’d be delighted to. But I guess they won’t fight if Abbie never speaks. Will Abbie ever string words together into a sentence so that we can get a sense of who this enigmatic, bandana-sporting dancestress is? So far her main mode of communication seems to be that woot woot pump of the fist she so likes to do. WHO ARE YOU, ABBIE GINSBERG?

• Jaymes assured us that he and James are good people even though they live in Sin City. “We live in Vegas, but don’t let Vegas fool you! I’m a Virginia boy, that’s a Maine boy and we are good people.” Layered quietly underneath Jaymes’ monologue was James’ affirming, mumbly background track: “We come from small towns, yeah, peas and carrots peas and carrots.”

• The blondes bragged of their toughness. “I could get punched in the face and I still won’t cry,” Brittany said, adding, “I mean, there’s no crying in baseball.” But I guess there is snorting.

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