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The Amazing Race recap: Don't Cry Over Spilled Ice

Ten teams take on slippery challenges in Indonesia; Gary wins the gold medal for most passive aggressive substitute teacher on earth

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Abbie Ryan
Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Amazing Race

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Week two and things are heating up. Tonight we got to know our new Racers just a little bit better as they entertained toddlers, got lost and snorted their way through a highly entertaining leg.

From Shanghai, our teams had to fly to Surabaya, Indonesia. Abbie and Ryan were the first to push off from the pit stop and were revved up to learn that the winner of this leg would get the Express Pass. Ryan, who already has a wishlist that includes world domination and for people to bow down to him, also really wants this Express Pass! During the last leg of the race, we were lucky enough to learn about Ryan’s sweaty crotch. This leg, it was the backs of his knees. It will be really nice to follow this throughout the season. I’m anxious to hear each week which new Ryan parts are perspiring.

As usual there was all sorts of hoopla over everyone trying to get to the airport quickly and get on the fastest flight out, but all the teams ended up on the same plane, one that would fly them through Jakarta en route to the final destination. Everyone except the monster truckers Kelley and Rob, that is, who were smugly pleased about booking themselves on a plane that left an hour and a half earlier. The only small glitch? A four-hour layover in Hong Kong that actually made their total travel time longer than everyone else’s. It seems odd that these two didn’t ask enough questions of the ticketing agent to ensure that their flight was indeed the fastest way to go. Or maybe they did and that footage is just on the cutting room floor. But I’d bet a deluxe balloon animal they didn’t. Rob brims over with hubris, and, as we already already know from their (double) fallopian tubing adventure last week, these two don’t get the Attention to Detail award.

“We need to disappear from this counter,” Rob said to Kelley after he purchased their tickets, as if there was an actual risk that the rest of the teams would get a whiff of his brilliant plan and mooch along. It reminded me of the federal agent girls from last season who devised a cover story that they were teachers so that other teams wouldn’t feel threatened by them, yet no team was threatened by them, ever, because they were mediocre racers at best. You could see that in this case Kelley was this close to buying in to the plan, yet remained ever so slightly concerned about the decision to roll Rob-style. “We either made a good move or we made a really bad move ’cause it’s all of them,” she said, referring to the other teams. “We’re running our own race,” Rob said proudly. So true.

By the way, what about the way these two met? Rob was Kelley’s husband’s best friend, and then when the husband was killed in an accident, Rob stepped in to help Kelley and her son and ended up learning what love was. Wow. This I want to hear more about. Let’s get these two on Oprah!

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