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The 100 recap: Stealing Fire

As Clarke deals with Lexa’s death, the prisoners in Arkadia try to escape

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Cate Cameron/The CW

The 100

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Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Isaiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos
Jason Rothenberg
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“In the show-world, no one is safe, and anyone, even a beloved character, can die, at any time.”

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg wrote this last week while describing his reasoning behind Lexa’s death and responding to the outcry following “Thirteen.” No matter how you feel about the situation, tonight’s episode at least proved the truth in those words. No one is safe. We’ve known that from the beginning of this series (RIP Wells), but losing two fan favorites in a span of three episodes is tough.

That being said, “Stealing Fire” was an excellent episode. Maybe it was because Bellamy (and Monty) is back on the right side. Maybe it was because Clarke has a new sense of purpose. Maybe it was because Pike wasn’t around too much. Or maybe it was because Murphy got to litter the episode with one-liners. Whatever the reason, the episode felt like a return to form.

The episode started with Clarke and Murphy still in the room where Lexa died. They’ve been locked in there for 24 hours while Titus has been preparing for the conclave. Although we only see a minute of that time span, I imagine there were lots of tears from Clarke and lots of uncomfortable jokes from Murphy.

Clarke starts to choke up while looking at the bed — still stained with the blood of her love — but Titus comes back to make good on his promise to Lexa. He’s going to help the two escape, but Clarke wants to talk to Aden to confirm that he will keep his promise to protect her people.

She finds the young nightblood at his purification ritual, which ends up being heartbreaking for Clarke. The conclave officiates are there with the body of the former commander. Clarke stops in her tracks when she sees it; Aden asks if she wants a minute with her — which breaks my heart — but Clarke doesn’t have time to address her grief. Instead she asks Aden about his vow. He says if he is chosen, he will support her people, and not just that — ALL of them will. Lexa made every nightblood make that vow.

Before Clarke has a chance to weep over this like I did, King Roan enters with his nightblood, Ontari. Remember Ontari? Turns out she’s a bit off her rocker. After trying to kill Clarke (Titus stopped her), she says even her king won’t stop her from killing all members of Skaikru when she’s the new commander.

If she weren’t Ice Nation, she would probably get along well with Pike, who is currently telling Kane, Sinclair, Lincoln, and everyone in the brig that they’ll all be sentenced to death for helping in the assassination plan. But Old Bellamy is back, and he convinces Pike to let the Grounders live; they were just running out an open door. Pike agrees and sets execution for the main three at dawn.

Bellamy and Monty meet with Harper and Miller. Bellamy shows them the bug in Miller’s coat and then says they want in on the plan. “What plan?” Harper and Miller play-act. They’re not quite ready to trust their friends, understandably. But Bellamy knows that they’re in contact with Octavia, so he tells them to let her know he’ll be at the drop ship in an hour.

Octavia meets him there and then stabs him in the neck with a tranquilizer. Sibling rivalry is brutal on the Ground. When he wakes up, he’s in a cave with Octavia and Indra. He tries to plead that he wants to be part of the plan to save the guys, but Octavia reminds him, “You’re the reason they need saving.” She doesn’t need her brother’s help — and she doesn’t even need Indra’s help this time. She goes into Arkadia alone while Indra stays with Bellamy.

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