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'The 100' recap: 'Red Sky at Morning'

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Diyah Pera/The CW

The 100

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Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Isaiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos
Jason Rothenberg
The CW
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The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This ancient proverb has helped solve plenty of famous conflicts: World War II, the Cold War, John Tucker Must Die, something in Game of Thrones probably. In “Red Sky at Morning,” two groups of people are trying to work together with their enemy’s enemy — and it has varied results.

In Polis prison, Murphy is somehow uniting Grounders and Grounder haters alike. Yes, you read that right: Murphy is uniting people. Murphy, the person whom I believe I called a “weasel” more than once in season 1, is now the great peacemaker. I love it — and yet I’m nervous what this means about Pike.

Dare I say it…I don’t actually hate Pike now? He’s speaking some sense for once. While Indra wants to run out of the prison and kill every chipped person in sight, Pike says they need to flee the capitol, regroup, and come back with a stronger contingency plan. Indra asks about killing Jaha, whom she perceives to be the leader, but Murphy says A.L.I.E. is the true leader.

Speaking of the AI, she enters with a chipped Grounder and a chipped Sky Person to convince everyone to take the key. But when A.L.I.E. sees Pike’s lashes, she realizes someone has been out of their chains and makes the Grounder circle the room to find who; when he gets to Indra, she pulls the spike from the rock and shoves it into his head…and then takes out the other guy, too.

Grabbing the keys from the guards, everyone is free to go; Indra sends the Grounders to safety, but she goes with Pike and Murphy to find A.L.I.E.’s backpack — which Murphy believes to be the only way to stop her. He knows it’s in the Flamekeeper’s sanctuary, but before they head out, Pike tells Murphy, “Your father would be proud.” Damn it! Am I seriously going to like Pike now!?

In the once-empty City of Light, people fill the streets. A Grounder who just escaped from the prison appears — that didn’t take long — and tells A.L.I.E. their plan to take out the backpack. She knows the one person who can stop Murphy is Emori.

(Sidenote: I loved, loved, loved that Emori still is partly herself in the City of Light. Jaha tells her she can fix her hand if she wants, but she says she doesn’t feel she has a deformity. Even in this “perfect” world, Emori is still comfortable with who she is. Maybe she could have a little bit of power over A.L.I.E. just like Raven did?)

So when the strange trio gets to the sanctuary, Emori and other chipped Grounders have already filled the room. Pike takes them out handily with his rifle, but Murphy stops him from shooting Emori. They see that the Grounders were trying to power Becca’s space pod, but all they care about is the backpack — which Murphy wants to smash to pieces. Emori yells that it’s a nuclear fuel cell and, unless he wants to irradiate the entire city, he probably should not do that. So Pike, Murphy, and Indra have to figure out how to disable a bomb while a mob is banging down the sanctuary door.

NEXT: How do you stop a problem like A.L.I.E.?[pagebreak]

Over at Arkadia, Raven and Monty have been up for two days straight trying to figure out what’s going on in A.L.I.E.’s code. Through it, Raven can see how many people are in the City of Light; she realizes Jaha must be chipping Grounders now, too, and the A.L.I.E. army is growing.

Thanks to Becca’s notebook, Raven knows the backdoor password, but once they use it, A.L.I.E. will know they’re onto her. So Monty says the best approach is the original plan: Clarke gives the flame to Luna, the AI in the flame gives Luna the killcode, they enter it, then Bob’s your uncle.

But Bob is most definitely not their uncle, it turns out. Aboard the oil rig, the 100 kids are still getting a big fat no from Luna. She tells them that everyone at this settlement has given up killing and fighting altogether — and she plans to stay that way. She’s preparing a boat for the gang to return to land at nightfall.

While they’re waiting to leave, Jasper gets to know an oil rigger named Shay. She wants to know about Jasper, though, the kid from the Sky. She’s never been off the rig. He takes a liking to her…which of course means something bad is about to happen.

Meanwhile, his best friend Monty is having a really great time! Harper pulls him away from the computer to get help sealing the airlock. But it was all a sexy ruse! Instead she says she’s tired of spending her free time waiting for the next attack and kisses him. “You’re still you, right? An artificial intelligence hasn’t taken over your brain?” She says no, and they get it on.

I did not see this coming (though Raven did — she walks in post-coitus and says “finally!”), but I’m happy for these two crazy kids. And Monty needs it after the pain he’s about to endure. Because Raven has found a firewall in the code; she says it’s a citadel surrounded by water and it must be where A.L.I.E. is hiding something. She wants to go in, but Monty tells her no. He thinks they should stick to the plan, and he stays with her to make sure she does. But then he falls asleep.

Back on the oil rig, Clarke and Bellamy and O are arguing about making the chip latch onto Luna without her permission, à la Emerson. Octavia thinks they’d be no better than A.L.I.E. to do that, but they don’t really see any other way. So Clarke approaches Luna with the chip in hand. She sees her training young kids in a scene that is reminiscent of Lexa training her nightbloods. Clarke tries to plead with her one last time to become the Commander: “The flame is your birthright,” she says. But Luna says that too many lives would be lost to save a few.

So instead Clarke whispers the incantation and tries to sic the chip on Luna. But turns out Luna is a badass, and she flips Clarke on her head and takes the chip in one solid motion. See, she left the conclave not because she was a coward, but because she knew she would win. After killing her own brother in the first round, she was then paired with Lexa. Not wanting to kill again, Luna left.

NEXT: A.L.I.E. is everywhere[pagebreak]​

After Clarke’s sneak attack, Luna says it’s time for Skaikru to go. She corrals them to a shipping container, where some of her own men are coming from land…and A.L.I.E. is with them. Just as Luna is saying “the path of violence is a choice,” her Grounder friend steals the flame and locks Octavia, Clarke, and Bellamy into the shipping container. Jasper is still saying his goodbye to Shay when he sees what’s happening. He realizes it’s A.L.I.E. and tells Shay to run and warn the others. But A.L.I.E. tells her goons that they can’t let Shay get away, so they shoot her in the back with an arrow.

The chipped Grounders grab Jasper, Luna, and her friend (boyfriend?) Derrick. They tie up the men while saving the torture for Luna. They straight-up waterboard her — so glad that little legacy of Earth lived on after the apocalypse. They’re trying to force Luna to take the key, but she refuses. Jasper is telling her not to, so A.L.I.E. has the other Grounder start punching him in the stomach. It’s a terrible scene of torture, so Derrick finally says he’ll take the chip.

It’s imperative that Luna not take the key because, as Clarke says, if she is chipped before she takes the flame, A.L.I.E. will know everything. But not taking the chip is getting even harder for Luna because Derrick, now part of the City of Light, stops the waterboarding and instead just holds her head underwater.

It’s a race against time all around. Pike is still working on the backpack while Grounders try to beat down the door. A.L.I.E. tells Jaha it’s important they get in there before the “migration” is complete.

And over at Arkadia, Raven decides to do a little beating down of doors herself. With Monty passed out, she begins to enter the admin login and immediately A.L.I.E. knows. If her access to Arkadia is terminated before said “migration” is complete, she’ll be gone forever. They assume it must be Monty accessing the code (for an unexplained reason A.L.I.E. knows Sinclair is dead, and apparently she doesn’t realize that coder knowledge remains in Raven’s head). Jaha decides the best way to get through to Monty is with his mother.

Hannah’s voice rings through the computers at Arkadia — which, naturally, startles both Raven and Monty. He asks if he can talk to her, which Raven says he can by typing. But she reminds him that this isn’t really his mother, that it’s all A.L.I.E.’s creation. Raven can get rid of Hannah by deleting the code, but then she’s gone forever. As Hannah is saying “I love you, son,” he asks Raven how to delete the code. She types in the necessary keystrokes and leaves the enter key to him.

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Never has the pressing of an enter key been so sad. Monty has now killed his mother twice. And if that weren’t bad enough, he feels it was all for nothing…again. Because once Hannah’s files have been deleted, Raven gets through the complicated locks on the citadel and finds a kill switch. But before she can execute it, A.L.I.E. pulls herself from the Ark mainframe. Hannah is gone for good this time, and the whole process didn’t even get them closer to taking out A.L.I.E. Or so Monty thinks. Raven says there’s hope now that they know there’s a kill switch.

NEXT: Yeah, they’re going to need a lot of hope [pagebreak]

Back in the sanctuary, A.L.I.E. is telling Emori she has to distract them for 60 seconds before the migration is finished. Murphy is ready to smash the non-nuclear parts — which Pike has extracted — when Emori tells him that the minds of everyone in the server are on there. If he destroys it, she’ll be gone forever. I’m not sure I believe this, but Murphy does, so he can’t make himself destroy it. Pike decides to do it instead, but it’s too late. The migration has been completed.

Murphy covers up Emori’s head so she can’t see them sneak out the super secret flamekeeper passageway, which Titus told him about. And he, Pike, and Indra flee just before the Grounders get in. Jaha is worried, but A.L.I.E. says with the migration complete, they can’t touch her now. Remember how Emori and the others were connecting something to the pod? Turns out they were using it to send the backpack’s contents to space. Cut to the remaining bits of the Ark floating in space, where A.L.I.E. is residing. A.L.I.E. Is. In. Space. (Hey, remember that baby in space?)

This is going to make stopping her nearly impossible, but Clarke and Co. don’t know that yet. They’re still fighting to get out of the shipping container, when a not-quite dead Shay opens the doors for them and tells them where to find Luna. They need to RUSH there because now, instead of torturing Luna in order to get her to take the key, the chipped Grounders are threatening the life of the little girl she was teaching earlier in the episode.

Luna goes to take the key but instead bites Derrick’s arm and takes out everyone in the room (remember how I said she was a badass?). But Derrick is still alive, and in order to stop him, she stabs him in the chest. Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy come in just after and see her crying over her friend’s body.

Later, Luna holds a ritual for the dead. Clarke assumes that Luna will take the flame now that she has seen how powerful A.L.I.E. is. Clearly, this is her enemy. But Luna has no plans to do that — she apparently doesn’t even believe in enemies. “You believe that to defeat an enemy who will stop at nothing, you will stop at nothing? How’s that different than ‘blood must have blood’?” Luna makes a good point, but Clarke has no time to argue because she and her friends are all passing out from the wine Luna spiked.

When they wake up, all four are back on the beach with the stones. Clarke luckily still has the chip, but what are they supposed to do with it without a nightblood? They all look around in confusion.

The music swells as if these four are the Fellowship of the Ring about to embark from the Council of Elrond, and Bellamy says, “Now what?”

Seriously. Now what?

What did you guys think of “Red Sky at Morning”? Are you as concerned as I am that there’s no way to stop A.L.I.E. now? Are you secretly starting to like Pike, too? Were you instantly shipping Harper and Monty? What’s with all the red balloons in the City of Light? Does A.L.I.E. have an affinity for Nena? Let’s talk about all of it below, or you can find me on Twitter @realdalener.