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'The 100' recap: 'Join or Die'

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Dean Buscher/The CW

The 100

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Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Isaiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick
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There is nothing quite like a song to make you feel nostalgic. And a good flashback doesn’t hurt either. Tonight’s tune of choice was “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Well, I should say a cover of it. I was one of the few people who didn’t hate that particular part of the pilot. (Does this mean I have bad taste in music? Probably.) But I feel confident in saying I’m one of…everyone who loved tonight’s slowed-down cover playing over the Ark and Dropship flashbacks. To quote my colleague Katie Minard, “Radioactive” has become The 100‘s “Chasing Cars.”

Were the flashbacks necessary? No, probably not. But I loved them anyway. Paired with the emotional Kane scenes and the expedition of Clarke and Co., it was another solid episode in the back half of season 3. So let’s quit talking about it and actually TALK ABOUT IT…

Not sure how this happened, but Jaha, Abby, and the chipped Ark population beat Kane and Pike to Polis. By the time the latter group gets there, the streets are filled with Grounders meditating in the City of Light. Ontari immediately chips the Grounders who enter the gates. Pike tries to threaten them by holding a knife to the commander’s throat, but that doesn’t seem to faze anyone. Instead they put a bag over his head and lead him to a holding cell, where Murphy, Indra, and other Grounders are also being held.

Jaha tries to get Kane to take the key, but he resists. A.L.I.E. says he’s part of the 3 percent of people who aren’t taking the key. (I like to think of the 3 Percent as a political movement with Raven Reyes as their figurehead.) So they put a bag over his head and take him away — but Abby appears out of nowhere and says she wants to deal with him separately.

They take Kane to a room where Abby tries to pretend as if she’s not chipped. She says they interrogated her and want to know where Clark is going. He believes her until she starts kissing him and pushes him onto the bed. He realizes then it’s not her and refuses to help, so they decide to crucify him. Yes, CRUCIFY HIM.

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They drag Kane out to a metal cross where they chain him up and then nail his hands to the structure. A.L.I.E. 1.0 DOES NOT F— AROUND! It’s painful to watch — and even more painful for Kane to endure, but he doesn’t break. He refuses to join them, even when Jaha says he can stop the pain. Kane would rather be shot. And he even asks Jaha to shoot him when his former friend grabs a gun. But instead Jaha trains the gun at Abby’s head. So, naturally, Kane agrees to take the key.

For a nice guy, Kane is getting it pretty easy. Because on the other hand, there’s Pike — who massacred 300+ people — and he’s simply chained up in a cell. But don’t you worry, Indra will make sure he receives his punishment. She’s found a way to pull her cuffs from a piece of stone. She’s sharpened the stone it’s attached to, and she uses it to give Pike 300 lashes, one for every one of her people he killed.

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In between Pike getting his due punishment, we’re treated to Ark flashbacks. Remember how he was just a teacher? Even though he didn’t know about the 100 being sent to Earth, he was commissioned by Kane, Abby, and Jaha to teach these prisoner kids wilderness skills just two weeks before they were forced to leave the Ark. He asks about Clarke, but she’s in solitary until the ship drops, so she won’t receive training. “She paid attention the first time,” he says.

Pike’s given groups of kids to train; when the first group walks in, we see clean, baby versions of Murphy, Jasper (with his goggles!), Harper, Octavia, Monroe (!), and Fox (!!). They all have major attitude and show zero interest in learning how to make a fire. This frustrates Pike. He begs Jaha to be sent down to the Earth with them, but the chancellor says no. Pike then asks to at least warn the kids that they’ll be sent to the Ground so that they’ll pay attention better, but again he’s told no.

Just when I was starting to feel a shred of understanding for Pike, he reverts to what he knows best: brute force. He thinks this is the best way to get the kids to learn. He starts beating up Murphy in an attempt to get the other kids to work together. Or at least I’m guessing that was the lesson? I just don’t know with this guy.

In any case, back in the present, Indra’s happily slicing away, but Murphy puts a stop to it. He says that Pike is strong and they’ll need him to help fight against the chipped army outside the doors. “Do you want your revenge, or do you want your people to live?” he asks. Indra wants both, but when another Grounder gets her to see the truth in Murphy’s words, she stops the lashing.

Pike smiles at Murphy for the assist — to which Murphy says, “Go float yourself. Everything I learned I learned on the Ground.” This is an actual gif of my reaction.

This imprisoned crew could use the help of Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, and Jasper, but that may not be coming fast.

The fearsome foursome are making their way to Luna, based on Lincoln’s map, in the rover. They get to the water, but where they hope to find a village, they instead find rocks. Luckily, thanks to Jasper’s desire to throw things in the fire, they realize that this is where they’re supposed to send a signal to Luna, so they do.

While Octavia and Jasper are making green fire, Bellamy and Clarke talk about forgiveness. He worries that his sister will never be able to forgive him — and then he confesses that he’s had a hard time forgiving Clarke for leaving, as well. Clarke points out that she was trying to get forgiveness for Mount Weather, as well. “Maybe we’ll get that someday,” she says. “We need each other, Bellamy.” And then they hug…before being attacked by Grounders coming up from the sea. (Just when you think you’ve seen everything!)

These Under(water)grounders take them to Octavia and Jasper at the fire, where they ask what they’re doing there. O invokes the name of Lincoln and asks for help, so the main Grounder takes out a vial for each of them and says it’s “safe passage.” Octavia downs hers without question, and Jasper follows suit. The two pass out before Clarke and Bellamy can drink their vials, but they don’t have much choice, so they drink it, too.

The four wake up in a rusty shipping container. Their weapons are gone, but fortunately Clarke still has the chip. A woman walks in — and it’s Luna. Clarke gives her the spiel about being the last of her line and how she must take the flame. Luna says thanks but no thanks and walks out of the container. They all follow her out and find themselves on an old oil rig in the middle of an ocean. IT’S WATERWORLD!

What did you guys think of “Join or Die”? Do you think there’s any hope in stopping A.L.I.E. now? I’m having a hard time thinking about much of anything aside from Baby Bellamy and that “Radioactive” cover. If anyone finds a version of it online, please, please hit me up on Twitter @realdalener. Otherwise, hit the comments below with your thoughts and theories.