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'The 100' recap: 'Fallen'

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Bettina Strauss/The CW

The 100

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Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Isaiah Washington, Henry Ian Cusick
The CW

The Ground is a bit like a hydra: When one villain falls, two more rise in its place. As Pike finally gets his due, Ontari shows she’s just as unstable as we thought and A.L.I.E. shows us glimpses of the program that caused the end of the world. For an A.I. that’s supposed to promote world peace, she sure has created — and sustained — a brutal world.

But maybe Rebecca had something to do with that because if she was the one that created the commander lineage, she sure set up a strange system. We learn through Ontari that the next step in the ascension process is for her to recite the names of all past commanders. Although Murphy helps her search the Flamekeeper lair, they come up empty. He points out that the other commanders are probably able to do this because they have the knowledge from the flame, which Ontari does not have.

And here’s where we see a bit of humanity from Ontari… She says she deserves to be commander because she was ripped from her family by Queen Nia and made to suffer under her cruelty all these years just because she was a nightblood. Murphy tells her she can be commander with his help as fake Flamekeeper. She threatens to kill him quite a few times — she loves to do that — but finally agrees.

When he brings the ambassadors before her for the final ascension ceremony, she proclaims that she won’t tell them the lineage because she’s already commander and can do whatever she wants. To prove it, she grabs the nearest ambassador and gouges his eyes out. None of the other ambassadors want to lose their eyes, so they’re agreeing to Ontari’s command for now. Apparently, this was not Murphy’s advice…

Murphy: We talked about restraint.

Ontari: You told me not to kill him.

Murphy: Next time I’ll be more specific.

If she’s thankful for Murphy’s help, she sure has a strange way of showing it: She has her guards chain Murphy up again and leave them alone. As she undresses in front of him, he tells her there’s someone else (Emori!), but that doesn’t faze her. As she uses the chain to pull him closer and threaten his life, Murphy just says, “Oh, the things I do to survive.”

While he’s having a…weird time in chains, Bellamy is still in his in the cave. Miller, Harper, Kane, Sinclair, Bryan, and a very angry Octavia walk in. He asks where Lincoln is, and without wavering, O says, “Pike put a bullet in his brain.” She isn’t sad — she’s angry.

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Although Bellamy tries to apologize, she lunges at him and starts beating up on her brother. Kane and Miller try to pull her back, but Bellamy tells them to let her. When Bellamy’s thoroughly beaten and covered in blood, Octavia pulls back and says, “You’re dead to me.” But as angry as she is, she can’t deny he is still of use. When Monty — after being warned by his mother that Pike knew about his treason — escapes Arkadia, he radios to the gang in code. It’s Bellamy who realizes Monty is requesting they go to channel 7.

Kane tells Monty he’ll meet him at the Drop Ship, but Octavia won’t let him go alone. Bellamy is also going, but he doesn’t really get a choice in the matter; his sister wants to use him as a hostage because this is most likely a trap.

NEXT: It is most definitely a trap.[pagebreak]

Monty emerges from the Drop Ship, but Pike is right behind him with a gun to his head. Octavia has a knife to her brother’s throat for the trade, but Pike has them surrounded by his henchmen. They start shooting at Octavia, Bellamy, and Kane’s feet. Bellamy acts quickly and is able to twist out of his sister’s grasp and get the knife on her throat. Then he further shows his loyalty to Pike by offering to take him to the cave where the rest of the escapees are hiding.

Now I know what you are thinking (“Is Bad Bellamy back!?”), but don’t worry. It’s all his own trap. He leads them to the blockade line, where the Grounders start attacking. Bellamy is able to grab Pike’s gun and have Octavia tell the Grounders he’s handing over the Skaikru Chancellor. Octavia wants to shoot Pike herself, but Kane insists the Grounders take him alive.

After being shot in the shoulder with an arrow and kicked in the face (someone GIF that please!), Pike is hauled off by the Grounders to their new commander. Kane wants to join them, so he shows them his brand and says they’re the 13th clan. Surprisingly, they let him tag along.

But before leaving, Kane checks in with Bellamy about his recent flip of conscience. “Did you do this for your sister or because it was the right thing to do?” Bellamy just says, “You’re welcome,” as if it doesn’t matter, and Kane tells him it actually really does matter what his true intentions are. Fingers crossed he has a better answer next time.

And now for the saddest part of the episode: Raven. She’s doing pull-ups, trying to build gadgets, and listening to loud music all while reciting…something. She’s trying to maintain sensory overload to block out A.L.I.E — which the A.I. says she’s not strong enough to do — when in comes the cavalry.

Abby and Jasper barge past Jaha and a crowd of his disciples outside the door (even though Jaha tries to say this doesn’t concern them) to help Raven. Grateful that she finally has some non-chipped help, she tells them she knows how to get A.L.I.E. out of her head: She explains that they can reverse engineer the biometric wristbands (which they used to send the 100 down to earth) to fry the blocker without damage to her brain. Apparently A.I.s aren’t great about hiding their facial expressions because Raven knows she’s on the right track. “If I was wrong, A.L.I.E. wouldn’t be looking at me like I stole her favorite toy,” she says.

While Jaha tries to explain freewill, a.k.a. why Raven wants her feelings back, to a robot, A.L.I.E. uses her omnipresent status to listen to his and Raven’s plan. Jaha tells A.L.I.E. that there were extra wristbands, so they send the disciples to find them. (Abby knows where they are and sends Jasper to find them.) A.L.I.E. begs Raven to change her mind and come back to her, but Raven is like “f— that.” A.L.I.E. doesn’t like taking no for an answer, so she begins to restore Raven’s memories…but just the painful ones. We see flashes of her surgeries, her accidents, the moment Finn died, as Raven writhes in pain.

NEXT: A.L.I.E. is kind of the worst[pagebreak]

Abby gets Raven to the hospital, but it’s no use because Jackson is a disciple and won’t get the pain medicine she needs. Raven eventually passes out…and then sits right up and says, “I have full access to Raven’s synaptic network.” A.L.I.E. has become Raven. Then Jackson stabs Abby with the sedative he was supposed to be using on Raven.

Jasper is able to find the wristbands, but Jaha and his disciples are right there to take them. They handcuff Jasper to a ladder in the storage room and destroy all the cuffs. (Remember how Niylah was wearing one in the first episode this season? I knew that was going to be important later, and now I think we know why.)

Abby wakes up tied to a chair where Jaha, “Raven,” and Jackson stand over her. She tries to make Jackson see that A.L.I.E. is wiping his memories, but these two men aren’t affected by their memory loss like Raven was. Instead, Jaha says Abby has to swallow the key or else. Abby says she doesn’t care if they torture her, but that’s not what the merciless A.I. has in mind.

Things take a turn for the gruesome when Jackson hands “Raven” a scalpel. With her control over Raven’s body, A.L.I.E. slices both of her arms open. “Raven” stands there for a minute before falling over. As she’s bleeding onto the floor, Abby pleads with Jaha to let her go help. He tells her the only way she can help is if she takes the pill; he says he doesn’t care if Raven dies because she’s already in the City of Light. But Abby doesn’t believe in the City of Light, so she swallows the pill, thinking it’s the only way to save her.

Jasper is able to free himself from the storage room; he goes to the mess hall, where he sees everyone at Arkadia lining up to take pills … from Abby. She’s telling people, “I took them myself; everything Thelonious​ said is true.” Now truly all alone, Jasper runs out of the room as fast as he can and passes medical. He sees Raven recovering in the bed, and when he checks on her, she tells him that everything is fine.

He’s clearly not buying that and stabs her in the neck with a sedative. (Why does everyone stab everyone in the neck on TV? Wouldn’t the arm be just as effective!?) Jasper’s rushing to get her into the rover when the disciples — on a mission from A.L.I.E. and Jaha — start flooding Arkadia like mindless drones. He’s able to get the rover through the front gate (by crashing into it) but is stopped short when he almost runs over Clarke.

She’s yelling about needing to see Lincoln while Jasper is screaming at her to get in. When she sees people at the gate shooting at the rover, she decides to listen. But the rover engine won’t turn over. “You really are the angel of death, aren’t you?” he yells at her. She sees Raven unconscious in the back and goes to check on her. Just as Jasper is able to get the rover to start again, a disciple opens the back door and starts to pull Raven out. Clarke kicks him just as the rover takes off. But as they’re driving away, Clarke sees her mom standing there as a leader of this deranged disciple herd. Although Clarke has no idea what’s going on, we do. “Now that Arkadia has fallen, we’ll move on to Stage 2,” Abby says.

Okay, well we don’t know exactly what’s going on, but Stage 2 can’t be good. With Kane at the capitol and Abby incapacitated due to the City of Light pill, that leaves our old teen gang to figure out how to take A.L.I.E. down on their own. It’s about time they learned to work together again.

What did you think of “Fallen”? Are you ready for Pike to die? Do you like Ontari as a villain? (She’s kind of…fun…in a Klaus Mikaelson sort of way.) How do you think Luna will play into all this? And who should we be worried about most: Raven or Octavia? They both are strong women, but damn, they’ve been put through a lot these past couple episodes. Tell me your thoughts below, or find me on Twitter @realdalener