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Terra Nova recap: 'Proof'

Devious grown-up plans are no match for those crafty Shannon teens

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Before we recap the latest Terra Nova adventure “Proof” we need to establish our safe words. If something implausible happens in the episode and I’m straining to figure out how to explain it, I’ll write the code phrase “this rutabaga is undercooked.” That’s your cue to play like Jim Shannon and rescue me with your own explanations. Hopefully everything this hour will make perfect sense and such a move won’t be necessary…

Here we go: Soaring over another majestic field of dinosaurs and– whhaaa? Ocean! Guess we figured there was one of those around but just didn’t expect to see it. Jim and Taylor are on a fishing trip with bow and arrows. Naturally Taylor gets to wear the Burt Reynolds-style black Deliverance vest. Looks like they also picked up some of those handy outdoor folding chairs from Costco (which makes me wonder: What is the toilet paper situation in the Terra Nova colony? They presumably stock up in during each pilgrimage from the future, but do they really have enough? Did smuggling in Zoe mean the Shannon household has to make due TP with less per person? Do the Sixers even have toilet paper? If not, is that what they’re all irked about? Or is there some fancy bidet technology that we just haven’t seen?).

Jim and Taylor sit back on a sea cliff with really long fishing poles. briefly reminisces about his wayward son we met briefly last week. Jim snags a prehistoric version of a swordfish — it’s extra pointy — and nearly gets dragged off the cliff. He’s gonna need a bigger something ….

Terra Nova: Scalawag bartender Tom tells moody Josh that Sixers queen Mira is ready to call in her favor. In exchange for bringing Josh’s 2149 girlfriend to Terra Nova, she wants him to raid his mom’s drug stash for something that sounds like “Azameth.” This crime actually sounds pretty do-able as family sins go — potentially saving the life of somebody you care about by helping some jerks who are sick? Worth it. Though of course we suspect the Sixers aren’t telling him the whole story about how this drug will be used…

Meanwhile: A new character arrives at the colony after spending “six months OTG,” a legendary scientist named Dr. Horton (Blue eyes? Check!). Maddy geeks out and quickly secures an internship working for him. We’re told he recently had a stroke, but we don’t really believe that’s why he can’t remember things about his past.

Super-smart Maddy is suspicious about him too. So she confides her suspicions to the one person in Terra Nova who can really help her make sense of it all. Her Padawan boyfriend Mark? Nope, she confides in little Zoe, who keeps saying … Zoe keeps saying Horton is a vampire.

I’m just letting it go, see? Letting it slide right on by…

NEXT: Horton is a who?; Josh’s girlfriend — OK, we get it now

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