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Terra Nova recap: The New Girl

A pint-sized she-spy infiltrates Terra Nova as Maddy gets awkwardly courted and a feathered dino attacks

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Terra Nova

Terra Nova

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Jason O'Mara

Welcome back! Gave the dino show another shot, huh? Well this week Terra Nova ditched the crisis-of-the-week format and started toying with some of the serialized elements that the series hinted about in the pilot. In fact, the show introduced a brand new mystery (say it with me now in your best angst-ridden Brad Pitt-in-Seven wail: “What’s in the box?!”).

We open at night. A couple Terra Nova lookouts work the watch-tower, keeping an eye out for carnosaurs and icebergs. They spot somebody — a Sixer. There’s a lot of rushing around in the dark foliage chasing a mysterious hooded figure. You’d think this would be an easy way for the guards to get killed and they should just start firing away from the tower. At any rate, to their surprise they find the attacker is a grubby little girl.

Medlab: The wildling girl kicks at the nurse and hides under a table. She’s all traumatized and doesn’t want to talk, acting like she’s been abused by dinosaurs or something. The girl says her name is Newt Leah. We learn she used to live at camp Terra Nova, but her family left with the Sixers. Now her parents are dead and she’s looking for the time-travel portal to go home — except, of course, the portal only goes one way, so she’s SOL on that front.

Taylor has Leah move in with the Shannons, which is odd because they already have an insanely illegal number of kids to start with. Adding Leah immediately causes over-population problems, with grumpy Josh getting kicked out of his room (dude: The hammock … Skye … just saying, you have options). Leah is introduced to Zoe and seems to despise her on sight. This helps us relate to Leah¬† because we don’t like Zoe either.

Outside: Terra Nova troopers hunt for Leah’s lost backpack. If I were second-in-command Alicia, I’d be a bit annoyed about being put on “find the little girl’s backpack” duty. They get ambushed by Sixers and what follows is actually a pretty respectable chase-n-fight rumble-in-the-jungle scene. Alicia gets caught and out comes the Sixer queen Mira. She takes her rifle and strikes Alicia in the head.

Terra Nova: Leah gets a makeover and looks almost ready for the next episode of Toddlers & Terra Novas. Zoe shows her a sunny drawing of the Shannon family. The picture looks all warm and loving, but it notably doesn’t include the new girl. Leah quickly recognizes Zoe’s brand of passive aggressive b.s. and scowls at her.

NEXT: Sixer showdown; Farmer’s market courtship