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Terra Nova recap: Within

Skye’s cover is blown as creepy mad scientist Lucas launches his devious plan

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Terra Nova Within

Terra Nova

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Jason O'Mara

Short recap this week. But we’re going to introduce the first ever Terra Nova photo contest at the end. Intrigued? Read on.

Pterodactyls soar over the prehistoric landscape. Say goodbye to them, because that’s the most dinosaur action you’re going to get this hour. The penultimate episode (titled “Within”) builds up to next week’s two-hour Terra Nova finale by ditching the man vs. wild action and instead sets up a dramatic confrontation between the colonists and a greedy organization looking to plunder the planet’s resources.

We settle down into the jungle and get a look at the Stargate portal. Now, I don’t think we saw this thing in the pilot, right? It looks like one of those airport-security screening devices that help TSA agents more effectively imagine what you look like naked. We’re told that before the portal was built, people time-traveling through the riff would materialize at random locations on the planet. So this receptor helps target the incoming matter to this specific location.

Back at the colony: Jim searches for the spy, interviewing everybody who had access to the medical facility where the incriminating blood sample was contaminated. Skye tells Jim she was playing chess with Josh at the time of the break-in. Jim accepts this, even though none of us can really imagine Josh playing chess. Skye then goes and asks Josh to back her story. Josh, who’s always up for a chance to annoy his father, agrees.

Meanwhile Maddy very upset because her transparent iPad thingy — dubbed a “Plex” — broke.

“You blew your core,” Josh says.

“I have everything on my Plex!” she cries.

Oh Terra Nova, we’re gonna miss you.

Later: Skye shows the deft maneuvering required to sneak out of the colony — squirming under the fence — then goes to the Sixers camp to visit her sick hostage-mom, who tenderly calls her “Bucket.” There she meets Taylor’s son Lucas, who looks like a Jake Gyllenhaal’s creepy buff cousin. Lucas comes off less like a scientist and more like your brother’s friend who watches too much MMA, chugs Rockstar energy drinks, and hits on your underage sister. He puts his crazy moves on Skye, tying to win her loyalty by revealing he gave her mom a blanket. That’s how hardcore the Sixer lifestyle is — you can score by giving out a blanket.

“I want us to be friends,” Lucas says. More than that, Lucas wants her to use the computer in the Terra Nova library to help with his equations. Or, Lucas threatens, “I’ll toss your mother over the side.”

Just when you start to think Terra Nova doesn’t have real villains, along comes Lucas, threatening to throw Skye’s sick mother out of a tree. That’s firmly a bad-guy quality, right? We later learn he’s mad at his dad for, naturally, not saving his mom’s life.

NEXT: Bucket spills her secret; Terra Nova finale photo contest