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Terra Nova recap: 'Nightfall'

Teens smooch, dinos stomp, parasites slither as a meteor attack knocks out Terra Nova’s electronics and viewers finally learn what’s in the mystery box

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Terra Nova

Terra Nova

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Jason O'Mara

Welcome back! If you’re reading this Terra Nova recap, I assume you’ve already Googled “intestinal parasite symptoms” and concluded you’re not a human host to a 30-foot monster that needs to be sloooowly reeled out of you.

There’s a lot of fun ground to cover this week: A meteor explosion, a Sixers invasion, the biggest dino ever, a teen make out, a claustrophobic library trip, and the introduction of Taylor’s extraordinarily bitter son.

Like all great mythic tales, Episode 7, “Nightfall,” starts with a lost pair of shoes. It’s a typical morning for the Shannons scrambling to get ready for the prehistoric rat race, with Josh misplacing his footwear. Don’t worry, things quickly get interesting.

Med lab: Skye helps her wounded friend Hunter into the infirmary. Seems he’s been drinking some exotic local hooch. You know how some mezcal bottles used to have a worm inside? This is like that, except poor Hunter caught an intestinal parasite that’s quickly grown to a scary length. (Factoid: The original worm in the mezcal bottle was a marketing gimmick, and, in recent years, a liquor company did the same stunt with a scorpion in each bottle — that either was ever popular is pretty surprising; if you put, like, dead mice in Life cereal boxes, shoppers would lose their minds).

Library: We get to see the Terra Nova version of a library: A dim room with a big disco ball suspended in bubbly blue liquid and a small cozy sofa. It looks totally different from our libraries, but in one respect is very similar since it’s totally empty. You would think this groovy room with all the video options would be a popular date spot. Mark Reynolds could have made his life a lot easier by taking Maddy here instead of getting all ambitious with the romantic field trip. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

Jim brought little Zoe for some educational bonding. He explains she can use the room’s “liquid memory core” to see anything from all of human history. So what does Zoe choose? Little narcissist wants to see where she was born.

Seems Zoe was delivered in an awfully unhygienic-looking little house on the prairie. In a reference to how outlaw doctors once performed another kind of illegal pregnancy-related service, the Shannons were helped by “a doctor friend of mommy’s who lived far away from the city.” The pilot episode hinted there was some secret reason the Shannons illegally had a third child. But now it seems like they just really wanted her a lot.

Pretty field: Maddy has gone OTG with Mark for an official first date. For a heavily guarded colony, it sure is easy to sneak out of that place. They sit on a blanket in the prehistoric paradise. Mark mentions that when he was a kid he wanted to be an accountant on the moon (as opposed to, say, a tax attorney on Venus). Mark calls Maddy perfect and they talk about flowers. Some viewers are now likely relieved they ate dinner at least an hour before watching Terra Nova. Oh, just hold her, Mark, like you did by the lake on Naboo, so long ago when there was nothing but your love… They get close and lean in to kiss. Nothing could possibly disturb this–

NEXT: Meteor attack! Jim trapped with Zoe. The most disturbing Terra Nova scene ever?