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Terra Nova recap: 'Now You See Me'

The spy is revealed, Taylor bonds with the Sixers leader and a Terra Nova reader comment sparks debate

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Terra Nova recap reader Eli commented a couple of weeks ago:

“Eureka! I have finally discovered what’s wrong with Terra Nova. It’s not a TV show like any other, because it is a Kids show disguised as an adult show! Seriously, it’s like Sesame Street disguised as The Good Wife. That’s why … everything is such a cheesefest.”

Thank you, reader Eli! Now I have Julianna Margulies playing Miss Piggy in my head. Also, if there’s an actual cheesefest being held somewhere, I want an invitation. Unlike the Terra Nova colonists, I cannot survive solely on exotic vegetables from the farmer’s market.

But Eli also raises an interesting point. Terra Nova is a throwback, a Family Drama in prime time. I admire that about the show. For all the critics knocking the series for its long list of obvious ancestors, Terra Nova is trying to revive a wholesome all-ages style of broadcast TV that is itself considered a dinosaur. But does targeting an ultra-broad family audience make it almost impossible to win over grown-up, serious sci-fi fans too? Can any show draw a large enough audience to survive on Fox, while also pleasing 12-year-old kids and satisfying EW readers who love BSG and The Walking Dead?

And most importantly: Did Skye gain weight this week?

She kinda looks like she did. Just a little … what?

Anyway. Let’s get to it! Recapping Terra Nova episode 10 “Now You See Me” starts now: After watching colonists sneak in and out of Terra Nova every week, Commander Taylor has issued a new decree: That nobody can leave without having a darn good reason. There!

Taylor then mounts a motorcycle, puts on what looks like a blindfold, and speeds off into the jungle. I wouldn’t be surprised if it really was a blindfold. Like Taylor needs vision to see.

Terra Nova: The Shannon pet dino is back! Zoe’s Ankylosaurus looks like a really cute turtle. But Malcolm and Elisabeth explain there’s just no room in Terra Nova budget to animate dinos that are nonessential to future story lines. Zoe puts on her cute pouty face. Boy, somewhere there’s a breakfast cereal not being sold.

Meanwhile Jim spies a flashing light from the forest. Somebody is trying to communicate with the super secret spy. He sees another light a response coming from inside the colony compound and rushes to try and catch the spy in the act. He’s a moment too late, but finds a drop of the spy’s blood left behind: potential DNA. Though Jim doesn’t see who left the scene of the crime, we do: The spy is….

NEXT: The spy is blue; Enemy Mira