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Terra Nova recap: Crime and Prehistoric Punishment

It’s Murder By Dino as prehistoric police attempt to solve Terra Nova’s first homicide. Was it the Stegosaurus in the library with the candlestick?

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Terra Nova

Terra Nova

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Jason O'Mara

On tonight’s CSI: Cretaceous Scene Investigation, prehistoric police investigate their toughest murder case yet when a Terra Nova solider is brutally killed. Was it the jealous Stegosaurus? The greedy Triceratops? The temperamental T-Rex? Keep in mind that the killer is never the first two dinosaurs you suspect!

We open above the jungle canopy as a Terra Nova solider named Foster arrives at a communications relay station while some evil sounding cicadas chirp nearby. He’s wondering if that darn communications guy is drunk again, opens the door and —

Ahhh! Were you startled at the dino jumping at his face? I had just finishing Paranormal Activity 3, so perhaps I was a bit on edge, but that shock worked for me.

Later: Jim, Malcolm and Taylor are on the scene and we’re told this is the work of a Nykoraptor. We  met one of these dinos a couple weeks ago when Jim got strung up and had a Nyko nipping at his head. Described as a “two-legged shark,” this is the Terra Nova take on a Velociraptor — fast, mean and nasty. The men are confused because there’s a nest nearby with yummy eggs that are the Nyko’s usual favorite snack, so why did he attack the soldier? “You got an endless supply of chicken doesn’t mean you’re gonna turn your nose up at a bloody rare steak,” Malcolm suggests.

Terra Nova Med Lab: The dead soldier Foster is getting a virtual autopsy, while Malcolm examines a large green egg. We’re told the egg is from an Ankylosaurus. Malcolm wants to use the egg for research, but he really should should be thinking of how to whip up a Hollandaise sauce with local ingredients from the farmer’s market for a huge dino egg benedict.

Meanwhile Zoe wanders in and complains about an ear ache. Somebody takes her aside and explains that this week’s episode isn’t about her and she needs to leave the adults alone so they can tell a grown-up story.

The autopsy finds two types of dino blood at the crime scene — the other kind was bait used to lure the Nyko into the shed. But that means … yes, murder by dino! Somebody actually used a dinosaur as a murder weapon. “We’ve lost our share of folks, but never like this,” says a troubled Taylor.

Bar: Jim interviews some soldiers and we learn that Foster was dating somebody … but who? The soldiers apparently hack their electronic dog tags, which are supposed to only store medical info, but the troops add photos of their significant others and stuff on them (it’s a nice bit of believable detail, and I wondered if when the portal to the future opens every six months, can they download music and email onto the tags too?).

Since the victim’s tag wasn’t recovered, that must mean the attacking Nyko ate it. So it’s time for…

NEXT: Dino safari! Laser gun? Marital spat!