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'Teen Wolf' recap: Stiles and Scott reunite to save Stilinski

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Teen Wolf

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Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Linden Ashby
Comedy, Drama, Horror

Welcome back, Teen Wolf fans. I have good and bad news. The good news is that Scott is officially on the mend and beginning to rebuild his pack! The bad news is, well, pretty much everything else. The Dread Doctors are still around, we could be witnessing the end of Beacon Hills, etc. But more than that, Lydia has a hole in her head …and they show it A LOT. So I hope you’re ready (and not eating)!

Let’s do this…

We start with Lydia — hole-in-head and all — who’s hanging with Dr. Valack at Eichen House. He claims that said hole has amplified her abilities, and thanks to that, she’s able to revisit the night that Theo watched his sister die. It seems Dr. Valack is very interested in why the Dread Doctors chose Theo — your standard 10-year-old sociopath — to be a chimera in the first place. But the only answer we get is that Theo let his sister die because he needed her heart. One heart transplant later and Theo would become a genetic chimera. Get it?

That still raises the question of why the Dread Doctors went through so much trouble to get Theo specifically, but that’s not important right now. What is important is the fact that Theo and his pack of chimeras just showed up at Eichen House looking for Lydia. The other big takeaway from the tale of “Lydia and the Hole in Her Head” is this: The Doctors have succeeded in creating the perfect killer. We simply don’t know who or what that is yet. (What do you want to bet is rhymes with The Feast?)

And if you’re having trouble remembering where everyone else left off last season, don’t worry. Lydia’s amplified abilities also come with excellent recap skills: Liam most recently tried to kill Scott, Malia is trying to find the Desert Wolf, Kira’s still gone, Lydia of course is “missing” at Eichen, and our dear Sheriff Stilinski is dying.

That takes us to the hospital, where Stiles is all alone as he waits to find out the fate of his father. He wouldn’t be alone if Scott could get there faster, but the poor True Alpha is still suffering the after-effects of, you know, dying. With a gaping hole in his abdomen — thanks a lot, Liam — Scott tries to bandage himself up and move forward, but he only makes it as far as the hallway outside his bedroom before he passes out.

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Elsewhere, Parrish is enjoying a McSteamy-approved shower. But when Lydia shows up, he knows something off. Apparently Parrish still hasn’t caught on yet, so Lydia spells it out for him: Someone’s dying. He then wakes up — which is good because he’s currently driving — and calls Hayden’s sister, Deputy Clark, to see if he can get police help with finding Lydia.

But here’s the thing: Everyone’s a little busy wondering how Parrish busted out of jail. Also, things are cray. As Clark puts it, “Parrish, no one’s available. Do you have any idea what’s going on? The high school sign somehow ended up in one of the hallways, the library is completely wrecked, there might be a pre-historic animal running around the streets, and I am starting to seriously think about a transfer.” #realtalk

With that, Parrish heads to the Nemeton on his own. It’s there that he finds a catatonic Lydia and takes her to Scott. The last thing Lydia did was use her nails to carve a badge into a rock. It’s a warning, and it’s one that comes just in time as Scott arrives at the hospital to check on Stilinski. Not surprisingly, he’s taken a turn for the worse. And with poor Stiles on the edge of a breakdown, seeing Scott sends him over the edge.

Stiles slams his one-time best friend to the ground demanding to know where Scott’s been. After all, Scott was the one who trusted Theo. But Scott only brings more bad news: Stilinski isn’t the only one who’s hurt.

Just like that, Stiles is at Lydia’s side. But when he tries to check the back of her neck, Natalie Martin throws him out of the room. An emotional mother, she blames Lydia’s friends for what’s happened to her. But when she checks the back of her daughter’s neck, she finds something much worse than a typical teenage hickey: She sees the holes left by Theo’s claws. Then Lydia finally speaks, saying, “I told you to stay in the car.” (Is this a callback to Lydia seeing her grandmother at Eichen? What does it mean?)

But if you’re hoping all that will make Natalie call Stiles back in, you are so, so wrong. Instead, she decides to sign her daughter over to Eichen House, and specifically, Dr. Valack, who can apparently change his appearance to look like other people? Did we know this? Guys, I’m so confused. Whatever, I love him for saying this about Lydia: “That pretty little thing could shatter your skull with her voice if someone decided to teach her how.” (Seriously? Can we teach her? Because that’d be useful.)

Meanwhile, Stiles, Parrish, Melissa, and Scott try to figure out what Theo could’ve wanted with Sheriff Stilinski. It seems he simply wanted Stilinski to serve as a distraction so as to leave Scott alone with Liam. And by warning Stiles, it’s evident that Theo didn’t want Stilinski to die. Translation: It’s time to have a little chat with Theo.

NEXT: Did someone say they were looking for a Hellhound?


By the time Theo finds Stiles, Stiles pretends that Scott’s dead, though it doesn’t seem Theo believes it. What Theo does believe is that things are only going to get worse from here. And when Theo knocks Stiles out, we get our first glimpse at Stiles’ childhood memory, where his father tells him that he needs to get up. 

So get up he does, just long enough for Scott to tell him that Theo’s heart jumped when Stiles mentioned that his father was poisoned. In other words, Theo didn’t know about it, which means he wasn’t Stilinski’s attacker. 

Stiles immediately hops in the car — someone save Roscoe already! — to find out who attacked his father, but Scott won’t let him go alone. For the first time, these two are forced to face their failed friendship. “You believed him,” Stiles says about Theo. “You trusted him, too,” Scott replies. Thankfully, Stiles is willing to put his father first this time around and work with Scott. Because, as Scott says, they’ve survived a lot. They can survive the Dread Doctors and chimeras, too. (Let’s just hope they can survive with their friendship intact.)

Now, they’re off to find a missing teenager. Speaking of which, Liam is trying to grapple with the grief of losing Hayden and the guilt of trying to kill Scott. As Mason puts it, “The last few hours haven’t been your best.” But that’s all about to change: When Liam and Mason find the Nemeton, they also find Hayden, alive and well. So there’s one missing teenager found.

But there’s still one missing: Noah Patrick. Scott calls Malia to help with tracking, despite Stiles not wanting her to come along. As Malia says, “We kind of broke up, I guess.” Scott’s reply? “Yeah, we kind of broke up, too.” Scott then offers to lend Malia a friendly ear if she wants to talk about anything — like, I don’t know, trying to kill the Desert Wolf — but Malia is more focused on finding Noah. 

The good news is that she does find him. But the bad news is that the Dread Doctors aren’t far behind. Noah briefly knocks Stiles out, just long enough for us to see more of his childhood memory. A young Stiles is at his mother’s funeral when his father puts a hand on his shoulder and tells him he needs to get up. “You still got me,” Stilinski tells his son.

Moments later, Stiles is back on his feet in just enough time to run, let alone figure out what’s wrong with his father. Seeing the bones coming out of Noah’s hands, Stiles calls Melissa. Melissa then tells a very frustrated Dr. Geyer, they need to open Stilinski back up. There’s a piece of bone inside him, which means he’s being poisoned by blood marrow. Long story short, they’re right, and Stilinski survives long enough to once again place a hand on his son’s shoulder and tell him, “It’s okay, Stiles. You still got me.”

As for Scott and Malia, they’re left to face the Dread Doctors…but they’re not alone. Scott might be weak right now — again, thanks a lot, Liam — but he’s not an idiot. He knows when to call for back-up, and he knows when that back-up should be ARGENT!!! Yep, he’s back! (And is it just me, or did he share a look with Melissa?)

As for Noah, well, he doesn’t make it far before he pulls a classic chimera move: He “fails,” and the Dread Doctors find him. It’s a shame, because apparently he was part berserker, which is why Hayden — who’s part jaguar! — was able to track him. But with him gone, all Hayden and Theo find is a symbol of an alpha and his pack. And this time, it’s Scott’s!

This is where we check back in with Lydia at Eichen. She explains that Scott’s symbol was a promise to reunite his pack. But that promise is not yet fulfilled, and right now, Theo and his pack are about ready to take her away. Except…they aren’t looking for Lydia. They’re looking for a Hellhound. And boy, do they find one when Parrish literally burns his way through a gate in the middle of Eichen House. (To be fair, he did say he’d get Lydia out even if he had to break through the walls.)

Here’s to hoping one of Theo’s chimeras knows how to handle fire. (Or not.)

Altogether, I have to say: I really enjoyed this premiere. It feels like everything they set up last season is continuing to build to something epic. Scott’s back on his feet, he and Stiles are talking again, and of course, Melissa is holding everything down like the BAMF she is. Now if I never have to see that hole in Lydia’s head again, I’ll be happy.


  • Did Scott pass out because of his wound or is something happening to him because he died?
  • Is Parrish good or bad?
  • Why did the Dread Doctors pick Theo? (Theory: His real parents are Dread Doctors!)
  • How hot do we think that shower was?
  • Is Stiles really okay after that fall on the stairs?
  • How many sit ups can Parrish do? 

What did you all think of the hour? Hit the comments with your thoughts, or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.