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'Teen Wolf' recap: 'Lies of Omission'

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Teen Wolf

TV Show
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Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Linden Ashby
Comedy, Drama, Horror

Five seasons ago, we first met Scott McCall when he was a self-defined “nobody” in high school. His hair was shaggy, he had asthma, and his best friend was an adorable nerd. Cut to now, and Scott McCall is a self-defined badass with phenomenal hair and a best friend who is an adorable nerd (who can hold his own). Okay, so maybe he prefers “true alpha” to “badass,” but I’m taking liberties.

And yet, thanks to the arrival of the Dread Doctors, Scott has been reduced to some combination of the boy we met in season 1 and the slightly older boy we know to be the hero of our story today: At this point, Scott is still a true alpha, but his asthma is back. And more than anything, his pack is crumbling all around him. The good news? It all makes for some pretty intriguing drama.

We pick up with Scott’s voiceover explaining how he can no longer go anywhere without his inhaler. Also, it’s been five days since they’ve seen the Dread Doctors or any new chimeras. Nobody at the high school seems to be talking to one another anymore, or even smiling for that matter. (Teen angst, amirite?)

Lydia and Stiles spend their days looking for the nemeton while Stilinski has the entire police force trying to identify the next chimera. As for Hayden and Cory, they both seem to be getting stronger. Scott hasn’t gotten any word from Kira or Deaton, and because of that, he’s closing down the animal clinic for now. But more importantly, who is he telling all this? Theo, of course. Because nothing makes a guy look trustworthy more than a good set of Stefan Salvatore-approved hero hair.

Seriously, how could Theo just tell Scott that he’s “counting” on things to get worse and Scott not think he’s bad news? That kid’s alpha senses are all kinds of off.

Across town, the Doctors’ lair is looking extra bloody as one of the docs shoots up another with something that makes his scar-filled arm puff up like new. Theo, who’s paying a quick visit to his slow-moving homies, tells them that they promised him a pack, and as part of that, Theo wants Hayden alive. But when the Doctors turn to look at Theo, he realizes—much like a small child who just yelled at his parents—that he’s out of his league. The Doctors are waiting until for the “perigee-syzygy”—which Wikipedia tells me is the supermoon—to decide what to do with Hayden … and that’s the end of that. (Also, it would be great if they could annunciate just a bit more.)

Speaking of Hayden, she’s busy making out with Liam in between buses at school. Well, at least until mercury starts oozing from her nose and just generally kills the mood. So after packing a quick Doctors survival duffel bag—which looks very similar to an apocalypse survival duffel bag—Liam tells Scott that he can’t protect anyone before he takes Hayden to the club to get her last $200 and hit the road.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Stiles and Lydia can’t seem to find the nemeton, so Lydia decides to take matters into her own hands and tell Parrish that he’s super hot stealing the bodies. Leading him into the woods, Lydia distracts him with a quick self-defense training session, during which Parrish finally stops thinking just long enough to realize that they’ve been 15 feet from the nemeton this whole time.

Finally realizing it wasn’t just a dream, Parrish tells Lydia the end of it: That there were hundreds of bodies at the nemeton, which is why he’s choosing to lock himself up at the jail.

While Mason helps chimera Cory test his new strength, Stilinski finds his way into the library, where his blacklight reveals something that appears to be smoke? I honestly have no idea, but he decides to ask Theo about what happened. Interestingly enough, Theo takes the fall for killing Donovan, but he claims it was self-defense. Of course, that’s not the story that Theo, the sociopathic liar, told Scott earlier in the day.

NEXT: The death of bromance


See, after Cory’s workout went horribly awry and he experienced the supernatural equivalent of a really bad sports injury—oozing mercury out of your nose—he was rushed to the hospital, where Scott and Theo tried to protect him from the Doctors. Spoiler: They failed, and Cory was killed despite his invisibility.

But on the way to the hospital, Theo showed Scott that he has Stiles’ wrench in his glove compartment. Why is it there? Because Stiles dropped it at the school on the night he killed Donovan. Okay, so far this is close to the truth … at least until Theo claims that Stiles pulled a Dominic Toretto and crushed Donovan’s skull with the wrench repeatedly, even to the point where Theo no longer considered it self defense. Yeah, if watching his own sister die didn’t solidify it—it did—this guy is the worse.

Although nothing’s worse than watching Beth, yet another chimera, bite off her own fingernail. Seriously, between Lydia’s tongue and now this, this season is trying to kill me.

After Malia calls out Lydia’s mom on knowing their supernatural secrets, she gets to Beth just in time to watch a Doctor snap her neck. And with that, Malia also snaps. She tells Stiles that she can’t deal with another body, another failure. (And the really bad news, of course, is that he killed one.)

Back at the club, Theo and Scott show up to help protect Liam and Hayden, who are currently fighting the Doctors, or as I like to call them, the Ronda Rousey’s of the supernatural world—because clearly these guys are undefeated.

But the Doctors are still able to inject Hayden with enough mercury to poison her, so Scott orders them to take her to the clinic. So as Liam holds his beloved, Scott talks to his: In the rain, he confronts Stiles about killing Donovan. Of course, Stiles admits to the act without realizing that he’s admitting to Theo’s extremely bloody version. Stiles explains that Donovan threatened his father, and unlike Scott, they aren’t all true alphas. Stiles is a human, and he makes mistakes.

But for Scott, it’s as simple as this: You can’t kill people. So for now, Scott tells Stiles to go talk to his father, leaving an emotional Stiles in the rain and shattering hearts of viewers everywhere.

And he’s not done yet. Once inside the clinic, Liam asks Scott to give Hayden the bite and turn her into a real werewolf, but Scott simply says, “No.” Talk about a bad day for friendship, right?


– What did the Doctors do to Liam? Are we going to address that?

– If Hayden broke into that safe, why didn’t she take more than her $200 bucks?

– Is covering up the supernatural part of Parrish being whatever he is?

– Uh, Scott. If Stiles had beaten Donovan to a pulp, that wrench would be a lot bloodier.

– What do the Doctors want, and why are they waiting for the supermoon?

– Is there anything more upsetting than Stiles standing alone in the rain without his best friend?