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Teen Wolf recap: Ouroboros

Theo swoops in to save the day while Stiles and Lydia figure out who’s been taking the bodies.

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Teen Wolf

TV Show
Comedy, Drama, Horror
Jeff Davis
Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig
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In Season

I have no idea what the Dread Doctors are trying to create with their experiments; I do not understand what Theo’s connection to them is; and I still don’t know what supernatural creature Parrish is. These are the things I don’t know. What I do know? Tonight was the night we finally met the infamous Desert Wolf before the opening credits even rolled. And tonight… was the night… that we learned Stiles’ real first initial. Sure, it was as he was having an emotional crisis about accidentally killing someone and then purposefully lying to his dad about it, but I will take my teenage werewolf Easter eggs where I can get them.

These unexpected reveals weren’t exactly answers though, more like… discoveries. What Teen Wolf has done with all but one of its largest mysteries in season 5 is a little odd: It’s given us, the audience, a lot of narrative answers straight from the jump—Theo’s intentions, for example, were clear to us about 30 minutes into the season—and now we watch and wait as the very busy kids of Beacon Hills try to catch up to what we already know. By the end of tonight’s hour, Stiles and Lydia have figured out who’s taking the bodies (that would be Parrish) and where he’s taking them (check the human pile by the Nemeton). Next is just figuring out what’s behind Theo’s smirk. Should be easy.

But first… when an episode starts out with Deaton on one of his little field trips, you know it’s going to be a doozy. After weeks away, the good doctor shows up in an abandoned plant in Russia. Apparently it’s a former haunt of the Dread Doctors, as evidenced by a marking on the wall that Deaton’s guide says was their symbol: the Ouroboros, a snake that’s eating itself. And behind that wall is a room full of creepy jars, experimented-on fetuses, skeletons, and random fangs. Yep, these are all things that spell Dread Doctor. Which is why it’s particularly surprising that suddenly a beautiful woman, not a masked weirdo doctor, has entered the experiment room. After she shoots his guide, Deaton identifies her as none other than the Desert Wolf.

Many, many miles away, her progeny is in the woods of Beacon Hills, trying to help Scott find Liam and Hayden. At the end of the last episode, we left the cutest little budding romance attached to tubes and possibly getting brand new tails at the hands of the Doctors. At the same time, Melissa McCall was returning home to find the body of a teenage girl on her kitchen island, with Kira’s katana stabbed right through her torso. While their kids work on the former, it’s time for the most understanding parents in all of Beacon Hills to deal with the latter. Melissa asks the Sheriff to leave his badge at the door if he’s going to come in and look at the body—after all, it’s her son’s girlfriend’s sword that seems to have done all the murdering. The Sheriff agrees; he comes in, he sees a brutally murdered teenager, he immediately calls it into the station, and Melissa slaps him. This is not a good sign for the emotional state of the McCall pack. The Sheriff tells Melissa that they are “not above the law,” an idea that his own son has been wrestling with.

And the particular difficulties of abiding by laws that don’t allow for supernatural tendencies are beginning to affect everyone. Kira is brought in for questioning about hew sword being used as a murder weapon, and her dad immediately comes in to say that the sword is his and he used it in self-defense. It’s not a good or believable story, but it’s one that’s supposed to protect Kira. Because someone has to protect these kids. As it is, Scott is kind of losing it. When he goes to talk to Kira at the Sheriff’s office, she asks, “Scott, you don’t think it was me, do you?” He’s never been very good at lying.

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