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Teen Wolf recap: Strange Frequencies

Scott’s plan to catch a Dread Doctor goes from bad to incredibly gory in no time.

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Teen Wolf

TV Show
Comedy, Drama, Horror
Jeff Davis
Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig
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In Season

In so many ways, this episode of Teen Wolf was about certain pieces of the puzzle coming together. But in so many more ways, it presented us with even more questions than I ever thought possible. We finally saw one of Lydia’s visions from the season opener come true—Stiles in his overturned Jeep—and the good news is that he’s not dead. But that’s just about literally all I know. Well that, and the fact that this episode was by far the goriest thing this show’s ever done. Generally, I love when this show goes dark, but if I never have to watch a makeout scene like that one between Lydia and Parrish again, I’ll be a happy camper.

We pick up right where we left off last week: On the roof of the hospital just moments after Theo has killed the latest chimera and threatened Stiles with his knowledge of Donavan’s murder. Long story short, Theo was at the library the night that Stiles killed Donovan, but didn’t tell Scott; so now, Stiles owes him. So what’s their big plan? Take the dead chimera (and his awful overbite) to the animal clinic and tell Scott that one of the Doctors killed him.

Apparently, the chimera’s name was Josh—Scott knew him—and now they’re going to use him as a bait of sorts. If someone is stealing the bodies, they’ll have to come get Josh at some point, right? With that in mind, Theo agrees to stay behind with Josh’s body and wait for the culprit to show.

But Josh really isn’t the most important chimera at this point in time. Right now, Liam is more focused on getting Hayden up to speed on the supernatural side of Beacon Hills. However, Liam is new to breaking the whole “werewolves exist” news to someone, and like most teenage boys, he didn’t get the memo on subtlety. So instead of, I don’t know, flashing Hayden a claw or glowing his eyes, he full on wolves out and growls at her.

Her response? Punching him in the face and taking off in her car. Yeah, I like her.

But she doesn’t get far down the road before the Doctors shut her car down. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one impressed by her left jab. After the Dread Doctors use the radio frequency to inform her that her condition improves—the ultimate compliment, really—they appear on the road in front of her. Thankfully, before they can get to her, Liam shows up and saves the day.

From there, Hayden heads straight for the place she knows no teenage boy will bother her: The bathroom. Sadly for her, Scott, Stiles, and Liam are very persistent (and don’t have any real sense of boundaries). By the time they get her to open the door, she’s fully wolfed out. But hey, at least she believes in werewolves now!

So while Scott and company come up with a plan on how to deal with everything, Kira enjoys a peaceful Saturday morning helping her dad unload some boxes in his classroom. Except that her trip to the school is actually about much more than that.

Appearing as if from nowhere, Kira’s mother shows up and challenges Kira to a sword fight because #parenting. In the middle of the battle, Kira’s mother tells the kitsune to show itself, at which point Kira foxes out, breaks her mother’s sword in half, and nearly kills her mother. The only thing that stops her is the tail her father slams down on the desk.

But it’s not Kira that nearly killed her mother. It’s the fox inside her, her mother tells her. (The one time being called a fox is a bad thing, amirite?)

Also at the school is Mason, who runs into Lucas’ friend Corey. The weird thing? He’s reading a book called Miraculous Healing. So yeah, he’s a chimera. Also, I’m dying to know what’s in the book. “So your skin just healed after getting a cut. Now what?” Only in Beacon Hills.

Okay, it’s plan time: Using the telluric currents, Scott and Stiles determine that Hayden will be safe(ish) from the Dread Doctors at the high school, with a little extra assistance from three cell phone signal jammers that Parrish is working on.

But before Scott heads to the school to carry out the plan, Kira takes herself out of the equation. She knows that she needs to figure out what’s going on with herself before she can help anyone else. Plus, she and telluric currents don’t really mix, which is an understatement.

As she kisses Scott goodbye, we get a flashback montage through some of their relationship highlights, which is nothing if not a sign that this could be the end of (romantic) days for them. Also not a good sign is the fact that Scott’s plan isn’t just about protecting Hayden. In fact, it’s more so about catching a Dread Doctor.

If they only knew that catching a Dread Doctor was as easy as spying on Theo, who’s currently talking to one at the animal clinic. And by talking, I mean Theo is using a bunch of words, and the Doctor keeps saying that everything is “inconsequential.” Apparently, the Doctors know who’s taking the bodies, but they don’t care. And they certainly don’t care enough to keep Theo in the loop, no matter what their agreement was.

That conversation is put on hold when Stiles enters and sets up his phone so that he and Theo can sit in his car and watch a live video stream of Josh’s body (and hopefully catch the person who comes to take him). The downside of this plan, though, is that Stiles has to sit in his car with Theo, who decides now is the time to see if he can manipulate Stiles.

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