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Teen Wolf recap: A Novel Approach

Dr. Valack sheds some light on the Dread Doctors during a deadly visit to Eichen House.

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Scott Everett White/MTV

Teen Wolf

TV Show
Comedy, Drama, Horror
Jeff Davis
Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig
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In Season

I’m feeling inspired by the Dread Doctors, so go with me on this one: If we were scientists in a lab working to concoct the formula for a great episode of Teen Wolf, it would have to involve intrigue, a large creep factor, interesting character interactions, and of course, a bit of romance. And not only did tonight’s episode have all of that, but it presented it at a pace that was just fast enough to give us all the information but just slow enough to make things, well, even scarier. Let’s get to it!

We start off exactly where we left off, with Donovan attacking Stiles in the parking lot. And despite the fact that he’s been using duct tape to repeatedly fix his engine, Stiles miraculously has a wrench lying nearby, which he uses to hit Donovan and run into the high school, which has to be where 90 percent of this town’s crimes/murders happen. Honestly, someone lock the doors already!

Inside, Stiles runs to the oh-so-popular-this-season library, where he hides. That allows Donovan to give his epic speech, which serves to inform us that Donovan’s father was once Sheriff Stilinski’s partner … until the day that Stilinski went to call for back-up and left Donovan’s dad to enter a location alone. The result? Donovan’s father was shot in the spinal cord and paralyzed from the waste down. So now, Donovan thinks that it’s only fair that he eat Stiles’ legs. Right?

Well, here’s the thing. Donovan might be supernatural, but Stiles has been fighting supernatural beings for way longer than Donovan’s been one, so needless to say, Donovan ends up with a huge metal beam through his chest, oozing silver stuff until he can’t anymore. But just as Stiles turns to leave, his cell phone buzzes in Donovan’s jacket, otherwise known as that awkward moment when the supernatural being you just killed still has your phone and your girl is calling you.

Stiles quickly grabs his phone and then uses a landline to call 911, after which he camps out in the parking lot to see what happens. Flash-forward to the cops finding nothing at the school, otherwise known as that awkward moment when the police don’t find the supernatural being you just killed because its body disappeared.

By the time Stiles gets back in the school, the body is gone and the crime scene has been cleaned … with only a tiny bit of blood left behind.

Meanwhile, across town, Scott and Kira are sleeping on top of the covers in his bed. As she mutters something in Japanese, his phone alerts him that the alarm at the animal clinic has been triggered.

Moments later, Scott is calling a highly confused and distressed Stiles to inform him that someone is taking the bodies of the dead Doctor victims. Spoiler: It’s Parrish, and he looks good doing it.

But they don’t know that yet, so for now, Malia is sharing the Dread Doctors book with everyone so that they can try to figure out what it all means. Based on the book summary, it’s about teenagers who were taken in the night and buried alive, and an ancient order of parascientists. As Malia puts it, there is no volume two because they’re living it.

However, Lydia thinks the book could be a prediction. And that brings us back to our favorite three-eyed Eichen House patient: Dr. Valack.

When Scott shows the book to Theo, Theo points him to the acknowledgments page, where the author thanks Dr. Valack. Theo then reports back to the Dread Doctors that the plan worked — the teens are going to visit Valack.

Well, Lydia, Scott, and Kira are going to visit Eichen. Stiles and his injured shoulder should really stay behind, but there’s no way Stiles is letting Lydia go in without him. They’re better as a team, and he knows it. (Cue all the ‘shipper feels!)

Speaking of ‘shipper feels, back in Scott’s bedroom, he and Kira are looking for her belt when she once again brings up Scott’s L word slip from last week, but she’s not yet brave enough to come out and ask him if he loves her. So instead, she asks him to see her with his “other eyes.”

When he does that, Scott can see Kira’s entire foxy outline — see what I did there? — which literally lifts its hand — paw? — and points to the location of her belt. So the fox is helpful! (But also has a mind of its own or what?) Regardless, they’ve got her belt, and they’re headed to Eichen House.

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