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Teen Wolf recap: Condition Terminal

Why be one supernatural being when you can be a chimera? That’s the Doctors’ motto.

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Scott Everett White/MTV

Teen Wolf

TV Show
Comedy, Drama, Horror
Jeff Davis
Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig
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Remember how last week I was all about the Dread Doctors and how I loved that they could create any supernatural creature they wanted? Well, I’m still into it, but it’s definitely making things (potentially too) complicated. But we’re not quite there yet. So far, I’m still intrigued enough to follow along. In fact, one thing this week’s hour did that made me more interested was that it began to weave the Doctors’ story into the lives of some of our favorite characters. The worlds are finally colliding, and now is (hopefully) where things will really start to fall into place.

This week we start with Parrish flipping a playing card. It looks like a standard card except for one thing — the Queen looks freakishly like Lydia. Cut to a scene of Lydia wanting to test Parrish’s resistance to fire. Specifically, she lights a lighter and has him hold his hand over the flame for as long as possible. He tries it once, but gives up easily. As she puts it, “You can last longer than that.” [Insert inappropriate joke here.]

On the second go-around, she tells him not to focus on the flame or the pain, not to even look at it. So this time, he keeps his eyes on her, even as his hand starts to smoke. Lydia only pulls the flame away when she accidentally burns herself.

In that moment, she asks him what he was thinking about when his hand was burning and he recalls a dream he’s been having lately: Cut to Parrish walking through the woods carrying a burned body to the Nemeton. (Season 3 much?!)

He then lays the girl’s body on the Nemeton, where he catches fire. As the camera pans out, it reveals that the Nemeton is surrounded by dead bodies. For those of you who need a refresher, Lydia supplies one: The Nemeton is a sacred meeting place for Celtic druids; it’s a supernatural beacon. (Also, who noticed the druid-esque music in the background? Or should I say darach-esque?!)

As for Parrish, well, he and Kira are now in a solid battle of “who wore it best: orange flames/light?”

From there, we cut to Donovan in his jail cell, where the Doctors magically open the cell door with the wave of a hand and kidnap him. (So they’re witches? I still don’t get it.)

Moments later, Scott, Stiles, Liam, and Deaton finally make it to the police station, where Stiles sees Lydia, who’s still lying on the floor bleeding out. In a beautifully emotional moment, Stiles freezes, and it’s Theo who snaps into action, using his belt to create a tourniquet for Lydia. So with Lydia seemingly okay and telling Stiles to go help Tracy, Stiles reluctantly heads downstairs with Scott and Deaton. There, they find Tracy, who’s not changing back to her human form now that she’s dead.

So while Malia tries to tell Stiles about the people in masks, Deaton convinces Stilinski to let him take Tracy’s body, you know, so he won’t have to explain the severed reptilian tail to the coroner.

With that, Lydia’s mom goes with her daughter to the hospital — where she claims she saw nothing but a lunatic girl trying to kill everyone — and we check back in with another operating room, where the Doctors are pulling out all of Donovan’s teeth … to replace them with wendigo teeth … I think?

As Lydia goes into surgery, the last thing she sees before going under is the Doctors. Whatever that means, it can’t be good. And it certainly could have everything to do with where she ends up at the end of the season.

So after a long day, Stiles heads back to his mystery board, where he adds Tracy Stewart and the masked men. As for Malia, well, she erases “Who is the Desert Wolf?” That’s one mystery she doesn’t need solved. (She’s got enough murderers in her life, amirite?)

Elsewhere, Scott and Kira share a sweet kiss before Deaton awkwardly shows up in Scott’s kitchen. (Does this guy have a key?)

Deaton informs them that the creatures they’ve been dealing with were not born or bitten. They were made. How else would you get a werewolf with the talons of an eagle — shapeshifter! — or Tracy, who had the claws of a wolf but the venom and scales of a kanima? Someone is blurring the lines between science and the supernatural. As for the holes in the woods, Deaton thinks it must be part of the process, like some sort of incubation. For now, Deaton’s heading out of town for a few days. And if we know Deaton, he’ll return with some more helpful knowledge.

Back at the hospital, Lydia wakes up to find Parrish in her room watching a kung fu movie. That gives Lydia an idea. She asks Parrish if he knows kung fu, and of course, he knows a little jiu jitsu. Close quarters combat is something he learned in the army. So can he teach Lydia? OF COURSE he can.

NEXT: What’s a chimera?