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'Teen Wolf' recap: 'Dreamcatchers'

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Teen Wolf

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Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Linden Ashby
Comedy, Drama, Horror

Before I say anything, I’d just like to state that I’m still not entirely sure what the Dread Doctors are or how they work. But from what I think I know, here’s what’s great about them: They present the writers with an opportunity to bring just about any supernatural creature onto the show, whether it be a special kind of enhanced kanima—which makes us all miss Jackson—or something we’ve never seen before. (Like, whatever Donovan might be.)

All in all, it keeps Scott’s pack—and the viewers—on their toes, and so far, it’s working.

This week, we pick up with oh-so-angry Donovan being put in handcuffs to be transported. But he won’t go down without a fight, even if it means interrupting Stilinksi, who’s currently getting ready for a big date with the help of his son and the “son I should’ve had,” a.k.a. Scott.

Getting his tie straightened for his evening with a beautiful mystery woman, Stilinski hears Donovan screaming his name so loudly you’d think he was Stella. Apparently, Donovan isn’t too happy that his lawyer thinks he can get him a plea bargain for only two years, so in looking for an outlet for his anger, Donovan threatens Sheriff Stilinski in as detailed a fashion as possible. Like, he doesn’t say, “I’m going to kill you.” Well, he does, but he follows that with details about a knife and a stabbing.

Yet, here’s the thing with Beacon Hills: They’ve heard it all before. In fact, Stiles isn’t even fazed, but rather congratulates Donovan—who apparently wanted to be a cop at some point in his past—on his convincing performance and tells him to enjoy rehearsing it in his tiny jail cell.

Yeah, about that jail cell … he might not be seeing it anytime soon. During Donovan’s transfer, the driver suddenly finds himself paralyzed, and when Donovan sees clear goo dripping from the roof of the car, we’re all transported back to the days of Jackson and his crazy kanima self.

But this time, we’re not dealing with Jackson. Instead, Donovan makes his escape as Tracy shows up, attacks a few cops, and then kills her own father. (Teenage hormones, amirite?)

But Donovan doesn’t get far before the Doctors find him and put some sort of drill gun into his ear. You know, normal Monday night stuff. The real takeaway: Whatever they just did, it caused Donovan’s eyes to fully glaze over. Glaze isn’t even the right word, so we’ll call it a supernatural glaze? It’s like they had a clear flap over them. Okay, who wants to be my supernatural vocabulary tutor?

Meanwhile, Stiles is still having trouble with his Jeep starting, and when Scott calls him out on his worrisome chemosignals, Stiles reveals the latest source of his anxiety: a picture that Braeden sent him. At this point, we don’t know what the picture is, but we know it has something having to do with the Desert Wolf … and it’s not good.

Speaking of the Desert Wolf, her daughter is currently enjoying a driving lesson with Lydia and Kira. For some reason, Papa Tate decided to buy his teenager a car before she passed her test, so now, she gets to risk her life and the lives of her friends! And no, it’s not just because she’s experiencing flashbacks to her own family’s car accident. It actually has more to do with Malia’s need to take every bit of direction literally. It also doesn’t help that she can drive straight toward a tree and not feel any sort of fear.

Thankfully, they all make it out alive, but the same can’t be said for the people they find. Thanks to Lydia’s supernatural senses, they end up at the crime scene that resulted from Donovan’s transfer, and from there, it doesn’t take long for Scott to find a freaked out Donovan and for Lydia to figure out that Tracy was the one behind the attack. Seriously, why these kids are even thinking about pursuing careers in anything other than solving supernatural mysteries is beyond me.

Back at the school, Mason gets his first taste of what it’s like to be a part of the inner circle when they have to decide what to do next. Malia—shockingly—votes to kill Tracy, but per usual, Scott is much more into the “catch first, decide later” plan that usually results in him doing the right thing. Mason’s thoughts on the gathering? “Intense.” Oh kid, you have no idea.

With that, the group disperses and heads to class, because even supernatural beings need to get their high school diploma. Before the bell rings, Stiles shows Malia the picture from Braeden, and we finally see that it’s a group of people that the Desert Wolf reportedly murdered. Yes, they were bad guys, but whether they deserved it is up for debate. The only thing Malia knows is that her mom is clearly good at her job. (But does she get paid as much as her male equivalents? TBD.)

Just across the hall, Scott is killin’ it at AP Bio, until Liam informs him that Tracy is currently sitting in history class. She might be barefoot, and she might not have showered last night, but hey, we all have our bad days.

Tracy’s bad day, however, involves breaking her desk in half and violently grabbing the wrist of Liam’s bully. As Scott walks toward her, we get to see inside Tracy’s mind, and to her, Scott is just another Doctor. As she stands, she tells them that, “They’re coming for all of us” before she collapses to the ground and a freakish amount of silver goo pours out of her mouth.

NEXT: Kanima 2.0


With that, Scott, Stiles, and Malia take Tracy to Deaton while Lydia and Kira head to check out Tracy’s room. As for Liam and Mason, well, they go looking for another possible Alpha for Tracy. Their best guess? Satomi, which brings them to Brett, who’s currently playing lacrosse shirtless because this is Beacon Hills and he’s a werewolf and it’s just what you do.

At the animal hospital, Deaton thinks that the silver substance has to be mercury, but he has no idea why it’d be in Tracy’s system. After putting down some Mountain Ash as a security measure to keep Tracy put, he performs a test: He goes to cut her arm with a scalpel, only to have her concrete-like skin break the scalpel. As only Stiles could put it, “I think you’re gonna need a bigger blade.”

Meanwhile, Kira graduates from last week’s vandalism to this week’s crime: breaking into a crime scene. In Tracy’s bedroom, she finds a dreamcatcher, and that’s when she and Lydia figure two things out. First, Tracy is still having a night terror. That’s why she killed her father. And second, Tracy is killing people who tried to help her, and that time she killed her psychiatrist at the school? Yeah, she was after Lydia’s mom.

But before we get to Lydia’s mom, we still have to figure out what exactly Tracy is. And after Tracy’s spine busts open to reveal a tail that manages to paralyze Deaton, Malia, Scott, and Stiles, there isn’t much doubt: We’ve got another kanima on our hands! But how did she break through the Mountain Ash? That is a question even Deaton doesn’t know the answer to, so clearly, she isn’t just a normal kanima.

Regardless of what she is, step one of Scott’s plan involves catching her, so Scott and Malia do their best to focus on their healing. Malia—who’s new to this kanima paralysis and definitely not a fan—is the first to regain control of her limbs, so she runs off after Tracy while the others, well, lay there.

While all this is happening, Liam asks Brett about Tracy being in his pack, but not surprisingly, Brett doesn’t know who she is. Instead, it’s Liam who realizes something about the picture of Tracy. He recognizes her necklace as being the necklace he found in that hole in the woods. And yet, when he, Mason, and Brett go back to the woods and Mason falls in a hole, it’s nowhere to be found.

Just kidding, it’s the wrong hole! But wait. Why are there so many holes? And why was this one clearly created by someone? Yes, Mason, we know. It’s all so “intense.”

Okay, now we can get back to the rescue mission for Lydia’s mother, who it turns out is Stilinski’s hot date! Well, she’s supposed to be until Tracy shows up on the ceiling and ruins everything.

In an epic battle of kitsune versus kanima, Kira completely foxes out on Tracy, looking like she’s on fire in the coolest way possible. She then uses her charged-up powers to cut off Tracy’s tail, but she’s a bit late: Tracy has already injured Lydia with a pretty bad wound to her side.

So just as Theo shows up at the animal hospital to help Scott, Malia shows up at the police station, where a bleeding out Lydia tells her that she needs to convince Tracy that she’s awake.

Downstairs, Malia takes on Tracy—and her open-back shirt—in another epic fight, only this one ends with Malia’s knee on Tracy’s throat. Malia then tries to convince Tracy that she’s not dreaming, but before she can, the Doctors show up, pin Malia to the wall, and inject Tracy with more mercury, declaring her terminal and leaving her for dead.

So just like that, Malia is the first to lay eyes on the Doctors, who oddly didn’t do anything to her. And yet they were able to appear as if from nowhere? Also, is Lydia still bleeding out upstairs?! Come on, guys.


– How was it that Liam’s bully was suddenly healed after Tracy grabbed her wrist? Was it Tracy’s blood on her, or is she some sort of supernatural being as well?

– What crawled out of the second hole?

– Why is Tracy’s necklace in the first hole?

– Why could Tracy break through the Mountain Ash?

– What is Donovan?

– Can Stiliski date Lydia’s mom, or is that just too weird? I’m asking you, Stydia shippers!

– Is Tracy’s spine busting out of her back the grossest thing this show’s ever done?

– Seriously, how can we leave Lydia like that and where is Parrish when you need him?