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'Teen Wolf' recap: 'Parasomnia'

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Teen Wolf

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Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Linden Ashby
Comedy, Drama, Horror

After a non-stop season opener, tonight’s second hour of Teen Wolf took a step back and let things slow down a bit: Now that we know what we’re working toward—Lydia’s crazy visions at Eichen House—we can take our time getting there. But of course, this is Beacon Hills, so even taking things slow means taking it faster than just about any other show. And that’s why we love it.

We kick things off with Tracy, a student at the high school who’s having a nice little chat with Lydia’s mom. What exactly are they talking about? Usual high school issues: Parasomnia, and specifically, the sort of night terrors that, you know, might actually be real. (Yeah, you thought your high school acne was a problem.)

As Tracy tells the tale, we flash back to her highly specific night terror, in which a raven pecks at her supposedly sealed skylight. But when the window opens and Tracy goes to close it, someone pulls the chair she’s standing on out from under her. Sure, it might sound like nothing more than a bad dream, but considering that her father found her on the floor next to the chair the next morning, part of it could’ve actually happened.

But what’s more disturbing is what definitely happens next: Tracy vomits up a large pile of black ooze, complete with raven feathers. Sorry Natalie, but if you want a case of “normal anxiety for seniors,” look at Stiles. There’s nothing normal about this.

So from one feather-y situation to a hairy one, we find Scott perfecting his veterinary skills with Deaton, who’s now had time to analyze those fancy electric claws from Scott’s latest attacker (a.k.a. Oozy). Deaton confirms Parrish’s theory that they’re more like talons than claws. Specifically, they’re some sort of eagle talon, meant to absorb Scott’s power. But typically, the only one who can absorb an Alpha’s power is a Beta of said Alpha’s own making. Scott asks if the same rules apply when he lets someone new into his pack, but Deaton’s not sure. In fact, the only thing he’s sure of is that someone’s messing with the rules of their supernatural universe.

Speaking of the new guy in town, Stiles is highly skeptical of Theo’s return. More than anything, he’s not convinced this new kid is actually Theo. But Sheriff Stilisnki isn’t exactly keen on helping his paranoid son. Sure, Theo’s a wolf, but how can we hold that against him when Stiles is dating a werecoyote and Stilinski still hasn’t figured out what Kira’s supposed to be? (You know what, it kinda sounds fair to me.)

But because he’s a good dad—and let’s face it, a sometimes questionable sheriff—Stilinski runs the background check on Theo, only to find one speeding ticket from eight years ago. Of course, that’s enough for Stiles, who then takes his worries to Malia. And for the most part, she sees why he’d be worried. After all, she recognizes that Theo has great hair and a perfect body, something she never should’ve admitted to her already insecure boyfriend.

But Stiles clearly doesn’t have much to worry about, because a girl doesn’t just offer to torture someone that hot unless they really care about you. At this point, all Stiles knows is that the cute new kid with the adorable smile is not the Theo he knew in fourth grade. But who is he?

So while Stiles works through his latest investigation, Scott does what he does best: Enters the high school in slow motion, fully absorbing all of the sentimentality that comes along with his last first day of school. And much to everyone’s surprise, Scott has enrolled in AP Biology. Heck, he’s even done some pre-studying before class started. I mean, if he weren’t a wolf, he’d be a total nerd. Well, that is if his teacher lets him. Geez, aren’t you supposed to encourage kids to challenge themselves? What kind of high school is this?

Apparently, it’s one full of bullies, because within hours of being back at school, Liam finds himself being bullied by a familiar face. Well, she’s familiar to him. I have no idea who she is. All I know is that she sticks gum in his seat, and when he later asks if she’s still mad about something that happened when they were younger, she informs him that she’s “vengeful.” So … they’re gonna fall in love, right? Or she’s going to try to kill him. It’s really a toss up in Beacon Hills.

So while Mason heads out to check out soccer players and Liam deals with his new bully, Lydia gets acquainted with Tracy. Or rather, Lydia interrupts Tracy’s horrifying vision. Standing in the middle of the hallway, Tracy suddenly finds herself alone, with one of The Doctors climbing out of one of the nearby lockers to get to her. (Why he couldn’t just walk is besides me.) But when Lydia pulls Tracy out of her terrifying trance, she heads straight to her mom to get the full story.

According to Mrs. Martin, Tracy coughing up feathers can easily be explained by the fact that she obviously ate her own pillow. I mean, duh.

So yeah, Lydia calls Parrish and has him come check out Tracy’s room. That’s where we find out that not only is Tracy’s skylight not sealed like she thought, but there’s also a dead raven on her roof … or 10.

NEXT: Someone is not someone … but who? Wait, what?


Making the most of free period, Stiles and Scott interrogate Theo. Explaining how he became a werewolf, Theo tells a lovely tale about the night he went skateboarding, and the large, intimidating Alpha who bit him (and was later killed by two twins). Ethan and Aiden are all up in this season, aren’t they?

Not surprisingly, Scott wants to believe Theo and give him the benefit of the doubt, but Stiles can’t shake his bad feeling, even after Theo remembers a very specific story about fourth grade. So after Malia performs horrendously on her driving test—is she having flashbacks to her time in the woods?—she meets up with Kira, Scott, and Stiles in the library. And by this point Stiles has a new theory.

So maybe Theo is Theo after all, but what if his parents aren’t his parents? Confused? Well, Stiles compared Theo’s father’s signature from a speeding ticket eight years ago to the signature on his most recent transfer form. And according to Stiles, they’re incredibly different. (Only he would know.) And if Theo has two psychotic killers for parents, shouldn’t they be watching him? As Malia puts it, “My parents are Peter and the Desert Wolf.” So good luck talking your way out of that one, buddy.

But even Malia can’t deter Stiles, who convinces Liam to follow Theo with him. Headed out into the woods, Liam remembers that he was supposed to meet Mason—who still doesn’t know he’s a werewolf, by the way—when he falls into a hole. But what’s most interesting is what’s at the bottom of the muddy hole: a leaf necklace. Do we know this necklace? Why does it feel familiar?

We don’t have long to think on it before Stiles needs Liam to pick up on Theo’s scent. When Theo stops on a small bridge, Liam can sense that he’s experiencing grief. It’s then that Stiles remembers that this is where they found Theo’s sister after she got lost and died from exposure. The guys turn to leave … but Theo’s a wolf too, so…

Theo stops them and confronts Stiles about why he’s so suspicious of him. Stiles comes right out with it, telling Theo about the signatures, but Theo quickly changes the subject by complimenting Stiles. Sure, Theo came back to town for Scott, but he also came back to town for Stiles. You know, to have friends who would march into the woods at night for you. According to Theo, he’s meant to be a part of Scott’s pack.

And Scott—who’s waiting for Stiles and Liam back at the Jeep—doesn’t seem to disagree. And when the Jeep won’t start again, it gives Scott and Stiles just enough time to argue on the subject. As per usual, Scott thinks there’s something in Theo that can be saved, but Stiles is too busy not trusting him solely for the fact that Scott seems to trust everyone. In his anger, Stiles punches the engine and pretty much breaks his hand. Luckily, his werewolf friend is there to hold it, take his pain away, and fix everything. (Although I think Stiles’ punch gets credit for fixing the engine, albeit temporarily.)

So while Scott and Stiles more or less agree to disagree for the time being, Lydia and Parrish are working on their own mystery. Parrish agrees to stake out Tracy’s house to make sure she’s safe, and Lydia agrees to bring him coffee at midnight. (They also both agree to flirt.) And yet, as soon as Tracy’s father leaves for court—at this time of night?!—she sneaks out without Parrish knowing. Like I said last night, he’s not the BEST deputy. But yes, his triceps more than make up for it. (And yes, Lydia is totally into him.)

Back at the school, Liam finally decides to tell Mason everything. But when a wolf—like, full, four-legged wolf—shows up and chases them down, he kind of doesn’t have a choice. Suddenly, Liam’s all teeth and claws in an attempt to scare the wolf away. Thankfully, it works. In other good news, it’s really helpful when your bestie is obsessed with the supernatural and isn’t at all fazed when you growl. Right, Mason?

But wait, who’s the wolf?! Could Derek be back in town? Nope, it’s THEO. Theo is a wolf, you guys! Like a super powerful one that can fully transform. What does it all mean?! (Please don’t count how many times I’m going to say that this season.)

Away from all the drama, Scott and Kira are enjoying some of the best things the high school years have to offer: make-out sessions and college stress. Scott admits he wants to be a vet, but he’s not sure he’s smart enough to get into UC Davis. Classic teenager problems, right?

The not-so-classic part of their evening: Kira going to turn off the light and accidentally busting the bulb with her powers. Supernatural teens: They’re just like us … until they’re not.

Then again, sometimes these teens are nothing like us. Like the moment that Tracy wakes up in the den of The Doctors, where they inform her that she’s “awakening” before they inject something into her neck. Suddenly, she remembers killing the ravens on her roof. And remember those claw marks on her locker? They were her’s … because she’s a werewolf.

And yet, Tracy isn’t the one Stiles puts on his suspect board at the end of the day. Instead, it’s Theo Raeken. As his father—who’s finally taken off his wedding ring—tells him wisely: “If they’re really guilty, eventually they make a mistake. They always make a mistake.”

So for now, we wait for Theo to make a mistake. Unless of course having fake parents counts? Yep, Stiles was right. And if teenagers are moody, then supernatural teens are supernaturally moody, because when Theo confronts his fake dad about his crappy signature, his punishment is a hammer to the hand. Because a bad signature can be explained away by broken bones, right?


  • What is that necklace and how does it relate to anything?
  • How are The Doctors choosing their victims, and why do they have to eat ravens?
  • I feel like Theo being a full wolf is the perfect opportunity, at some point, to bring Derek back and have a wolf fight, no? I’m into it.
  • What is happening with Malia? Are they flashbacks, or could they be related to the Desert Wolf?
  • Is Stilinski removing his wedding ring the first step in him dating Melissa? That might explain the slap that Lydia saw …
  • What is a criminal tremor?
  • Dating a werewolf would be tough in so many ways, but how great would it be not to have to tell a guy how you feel … because he can SMELL IT?!