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Teen Wolf recap: Damnatio Memoriae

Scott and Stiles reconcile just in time for the arrival of The Beast

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Teen Wolf

TV Show
Comedy, Drama, Horror
Jeff Davis
Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig
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In Season

There’s nothing quite like a terrifying new werewolf to bring two best friends back together. At least, that what I took away from tonight’s episode, which saw the introduction of The Beast, the reconnection of Scott and Stiles, and the rekindling of one of the show’s romances. 

Let’s get into it.

We start in the car with Clark, who refuses to let her back-from-the-dead sister out of her sight. At least not until she heads into the town’s communication towers on a call. Of course, the instant Hayden is alone, Liam shows up and asks why she hasn’t texted him back, which leads to this classic teenage argument: 

Hayden: You left me for dead!

Liam: You were dead!

We’ve all had that conversation, amirite? Sadly, we won’t find out how it ends just yet, because Clark discovered what was inside the communication towers, and it’s much bigger than any werewolf we’ve seen on this show. 

Moments later, The Beast bursts out of the building and starts chasing Hayden and Liam until they finally reach a point where Liam decides that their best chance of survival is to fall off a cliff and let The Beast think they’re dead.

Spoiler: Liam’s plan works. Well, if him ending up with a broken back is his definition of it “working.” And before Hayden leaves him to check on her sister, she fills him in on a little secret: It was Theo who brought her back from the dead.

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Speaking of Theo, he’s currently with Tracy at the bedside of one of the cops that was present on the night she killed her father. Using her kanima venom to paralyze the guy’s diaphragm, she kills him. (Is there more to this that I don’t know? Or is she just feeling murderous?)

But considering that Theo and Tracy are not the town’s biggest problem at the moment, Parrish shows Scott footage of The Beast, the last chimera. To make matters worse, Scott asks Parrish just how many bodies he sees when he dreams about the Nemeton. “Everyone,” Parrish informs him. (So we’ll take motivational speaker off Parrish’s list of potential jobs.)

Back in his bedroom, Scott gives the bulletin-board treatment a try, but there’s a reason Stiles was always the organizer of the red string. With that in mind, Scott heads to the hospital, where Stiles is currently having a conversation with his father. 

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