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Teen Mom 2 recap: Tears for Fears

Kailyn begins a covert romance, Jenelle comes crawling back to her mother, and Chelsea’s trust issues begin to fester

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Chelsea Aubree

Teen Mom 2

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There were plenty of tears shed last night, and I’m not just talking about my own. It was quite a depressing episode — from Kailyn’s paranoia and Jenelle’s fear of abandonment to Chelsea’s relationship pains and Leah’s heartache over her daughter’s MRI. Grab a tissue and join me, will you?


Kailyn was working two jobs to build her Miss Independent fund, which meant she was back at Sports Authority and back in touch with Jordan. If you’ve forgotten, Jordan is the seemingly simple, probably harmless co-worker who dated Kay until she broke it off when Jo’s parents got wind of it. This time around, Kailyn didn’t care about the consequences. But that didn’t mean she was honest about it; when she snuck out to be with Jordan, she claimed to be “meeting up with friends” or “working late.” Jo knew something was fishy, and even his mom sensed the need for a heart-to-heart. She suggested that Kailyn and Jo spend some alone time to mend the bumps in their relationship, and that if Kailyn didn’t want Jo in her life, then she apparently didn’t want his parents either. Was that a threat I smelled? His mom certainly knows how to crack the whip when she wants.

Suffice it to say, the lines of communication were starting to break down a little bit. “Working late. Put Isaac to bed for me,” Kailyn texted him. “You suck,” he responded. When Jo wasn’t being outright terrible, he was beginning to wonder about Kailyn’s alleged overtime. If she was working overtime so often, why hadn’t she paid him back for school yet? Personally, I just wondered how big their town is, if Kailyn thinks she can shoot hoops in an outdoor park for hours without someone seeing her and tattling. Well, as we saw from the promos for next week’s episode, there’s no tattler necessary; Kailyn confesses, and it ends with an eviction and cop cars.


The bad news was that Kieffer had no luck finding jobs (though I have a hard time believing he was on much of a hunt). The good news was that he shaved! (It’s the little things.) Unfortunately, grubby beard hair does not a salary make, and with their time at friend Mike’s house coming to an end, Jenelle and Kieffer didn’t have enough money to afford their own place. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, and so they looked for help from the last place they wanted to: Jenelle’s home. “But your mom’s a psycho,” Kieffer told her. He may not be clean and he may not be employed, but that Kieffer was right.

Despite what we all think about Barbara’s overbearing ways, she’s not made of stone. She took in Jenelle and Kieffer – but not without some ground rules. They’d need to keep the house clean and not cause a ruckus. They proceeded to spill Jace’s bottle milk on the couch. But the problem wasn’t the temporary stain; it was that Jenelle knew about the stain and didn’t clean it up. Sure, in a normal situation you could say Barbara overreacted, but remember that this mother-daughter duo has a long, strained history. There’s baggage with this spilled milk.

To take the edge off, Jenelle and Kieffer thought it would be a swell idea to smoke some marijuana on the FRONT PORCH OF HER MOTHER’S HOME. That’s far less offensive than spilled baby milk, right? Barbara found them and unleashed a (very justified) verbal tirade. Kieffer retaliated that he actually had plenty of money. From where? Where is it now? Why hasn’t it gotten you a place to live? “Damn lyin’ hustler,” Barbara called him.

NEXT: Barbara breaks down


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