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Teen Mom 2 recap: Onward and...Upward?

Chelsea stands her ground with Adam, Leah gets over her cold feet, and Jenelle faces the stolen-credit-card debacle.

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Teen Mom 2

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From Kailyn’s joint-custody filing to Leah’s on-again wedding, the girls try to get their lives back on track. Let’s see how they fared:


If you’re a fan of the original Teen Mom, you, like me, may have thought that Chelsea’s story last night had shades of Maci in it, from the deadbeat dad to the new girlfriend. I had always respected Maci (well, until this) for taking the high road. She hardly ever wallowed in her sorrows because she was too busy taking care of Bentley. I saw a glimpse of that in Chelsea last night. “I don’t get to choose when I’m a parent,” she said, referring to her absent ex Adam. “And I don’t even want to choose.” To make matters worse, Adam was nearly $2,20 behind in child support and was mandated to go to court to face the consequences. But despite how righteous she was for most of the episode, she let her insecurity slip out. Was court involvement a good thing or a bad thing? Was the breakup her fault?

Amid everything going on, there was still that pesky GED to take care of, but studying with Aubree was plenty distracting. Apparently, it was all Aubree’s fault because she’s just so darn cute. That’s Chelsea for you: When she gives you some semblance of maturity, she washes it away with a statement like that.

Because those five minutes of studying were just too much, Chelsea took a break with some Facebook stalking. This just in: Adam has a new GF, whom Chelsea’s friend described as a “mix between a bulldog and a mouse.” They also decoded that Adam and said girlfriend, Maria, live together, probably on her dime. Chelsea said she didn’t care, but we all knew that meant she did.

When Adam and Chelsea finally spoke on the phone, he explained that he had been “around” (helpful!) and was looking for jobs to pay the child support. But his more pressing point was that he wanted to see Aubree the next day. Chelsea stood her ground, saying that she and the baby had plans, and she wasn’t about to change them on such short notice. The bigger issue was, of course, the fact that his new girlfriend, essentially a stranger, would be there, and that made Chelsea uncomfortable. I can’t remember the last time Adam enjoyed spending time with Aubree, but he was nonetheless not happy with Chelsea’s curt refusal. Maria tried to console him, saying that it was “bulls—” that he couldn’t see Aubree. I’m predisposed to dislike any new girlfriends of baby-daddies on this show, so Maria, you haven’t found a fan in me. Chelsea, flustered by the conversation, didn’t know what to do. Her dad, Randy, teased that she couldn’t necessarily keep Aubree from Adam, but she could make it awfully difficult. Oh, I love scheming Randy.

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