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So You Think You Can Dance recap: The Travis Wall and Amy Yakima Show

The All-Stars choreograph and partner the Top 8; finalists name their biggest inspirations; most everybody cries

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SYTYCD Amy Yakima Travis Wall

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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For the first time ever, the All-Stars paired up with and choreographed for the finalists. Plus: host Cat Deeley revealed herself as a fresh-out-of-the-shower mascara zombie from hell. Innovations all around! It really was a fantastic week. Of course, there was sadness to accompany the triumph and the horror….

Jenna Johnson and Tucker Knox have been eliminated.

The former partners (pre-All-Star episodes this season) told the mascara zombie that their favorite parts of the competition were meeting each other and becoming best friends. So cute!

Hayley Erbert and Fik-Shun joined Jenna and Tucker in the bottom four. All of them danced solos. This is the last week that the judges/choreographers had a say in who went home. Starting next week it is TRULY up to you, Ameriker! (As it used to be all along!)

Next week: Jesse Tyler Ferguson guest judges! Always love him. Plus: All-Stars Joshua Allen, Witney Carson, Neil Haskell, Kathryn McCormick, Melanie Moore, and Alex Wong pair up with the Top 6. I gotta say I’m still pumped about all this All-Star pollination. I wonder: Do any of you wish the Top 6 would just pair up among themselves?

Here we go!

Aaron Turner and Chelsie Hightower — jive

Music: “Great Balls of Fire” by Million Dollar Quartet (Broadway cast recording)

Tonight’s waterworks started right away when Aaron spoke of his inspiration: his childhood best friend, who got hit by a car on the way home from dance practice and later died of brain damage. “He’s definitely watching,” Aaron choked out while crying, “And he’s so happy.” He’d even be happy that his friend was dancing the dreaded jive — favorite dance style of teen voters nowhere.

Chelsie and her legs were extremely compelling as usual and I found it very intriguing to see her in a non-sequined costume away from Planet Mirrorballus. But as Mary pointed out, some of their transitions didn’t work, Aaron’s shoulders were up, he was facing her on a hip roll (the absolute WORST offense in dance history; just kidding; I have no idea), his weight was in the wrong place, etc. Voters might not know the difference, but a less-than-perfect dance and the first slot of the evening? Ouch.

Also, I want to know why Aaron wasn’t in the Mia Michaels opening number. Usually Cat mentions when someone is missing. I wonder if he’s slightly injured and they’re just not bringing it up because it’d put him at a disadvantage?

Fik-Shun and OMG MY FAVE EVER Allison Holker — contemporary

Music: “Skinny Love” by Birdy

Allison and tWitch Get Hitched sounds like a two-hour network television event I would watch over and over and never delete from my DVR. Of course they’re too classy for that. (The skinny love birdies, not Fox. Well, maybe Fox! Hell, why not give everyone credit?) I’ll always be obsessed with Allison — she’s like the original center-of-gravity-defying female dancer in my book. So many of my other favorites — Sabra, Katee, Kathryn, Melanie, and this season’s Amy — remind me of her. Nigel, too, could not stop blathering about her in his quest to get to Fik-shun. “That double pirouette into the arabesque…it cannot be ignored!” SERIOUSLY.

Anyway. Her relationship with tWitch inspired Allison to base the dance on “society’s prejudices,” with lanterns representing them being in the dark. “We are really making leaps and bounds to accept everyone’s love,” she said while executing two majestic leaps over Fik-Shun during rehearsal footage! For his part, Fik-Shun blended incredibly well into the dance and infused it with his own character at Allison’s request. Nigel mentioned Fik-Shun’s “journey” a few hundred more times. Guest judge Jenna Elfman declared that Fik-Shun was already an All-Star and demanded a name tag or hat to make it official, “because that’s done,” at which point Nigel transformed back into an evil gargoyle and glared at her with a delicious “I’m the one who makes the name tags, sweetheart” side eye. (It was not that dramatic.)

“I just wanna scream and shout about the two of you together,” Mary muttered thoughtfully. What was up with that? WHY AREN’T YOU DOING SO, MARY? THE RIGHT TIME TO SCREAM AND SHOUT IS ALWAYS!

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