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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Talk Dancey To Me

The top 20 perform for America’s vote for the first time performing the style that they know best

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So You Think You Can Dance

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Reality TV
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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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In Season

Now that team USA has been eliminated from the World Cup, the summer’s hottest competition featuring shirtless men can really get started. The first live show of the season (and 200th episode overall) paired the top 20 dancers based on their own individual style and not necessarily their gender, which resulted in one all girl group and one all guy group. Jason Derulo joined Nigel and Mary as a judge and the singer/dancer even was able to get his wiggle on performing with Snoop Dogg as well. Well, Snoop was on stage for about 20 seconds, but Jason’s performance was great and proved he could definitely talk dancey to anyone.

Brooklyn Fullmer and Serge Onik

Style: Cha-Cha, Choreography by Dmitry Chaplin

Music: “Hell Yeah” by Midnight Red

The first pairing of the night featured the oldest male contestant with one of the youngest women in the competition; and the eight year age difference between Serge and Brooklyn showed in their performance. A very sweaty Serge was much more expressive with his entire body throughout the steamy routine as Mary noted that nerves seemed to get in Brooklyn’s way. But the fault in Brooklyn’s performance was really only highlighted because of the maturity and professionalism of the partner she was working with. She still did a great job and made a promise to America that she will overcome her fear and nerves if they voted for her to get through to next week. Too bad this isn’t So You Think You Can Be A Politician, cause Brooklyn’s quick wit would fit in well there, too.

Emily James and Casey Askew

Style: Contemporary, Choreography by Travis Wall

Music: “All of Me” by John Legend

Though they probably wouldn’t be a couple in real life, Emily and Casey were able to perform a strong and physical piece together that completely relied on each other’s strength to pull off. The dance simply would not have worked as well if the partners were not in sync—with each other and with the music. But as Jason noted, Casey and Emily also told a beautiful and vivid story in their piece, and he complimented them on their ability to perform beyond just the technique. Mary described the performance as yummy, so you know that’s good.

Valerie Rockey and Zack Everheart

Style: Tap, Choreography by Anthony Morigerato

Music: “Sing” by Ed Sheeran

Even though Ed Sheeran’s song title was a playfully ironic choice for a tap number, Valerie and Zack were ready to bring the style back! Nigel had very little words for their high energy and high danger level performance except “wow.” Steps in the middle of the stage were used to give the pair an opportunity to show off their incredible control of their body and pace and rhythm, a basic requirement for a tapper really. With a background in tap himself, Jason loved the way Valerie and Zack were able to make music and have charisma while “bringing the show” at the same time. Whether or not he loved Mary screaming in his face about how much she loved the performance is still up for debate.

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