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So You Think You Can Dance recap: All-Stars pair up with the Top 10

The All-Stars return to partner the Top 10; a guy-on-guy duet about second chances brings on the tears

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So You Think You Can Dance

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Awww, yeah. The inclusion of the All-Stars — and just the All-Star matriculation system in general, really — is something that always works on So You Think You Can Dance. I’m thrilled that we’ll get to see the Top 8 pair up with different All-Stars next week. It certainly softens the blow that…

…Nico Greetham and Makenzie Dustman have been eliminated from the Top 10.

Nooooo! Not Makenzie! And just when I’d started to regularly omit that phantom c from her first name!

Tucker Knox and Jenna Johnson also landed in the bottom four but were saved by the votes of a group of 15 judges/choreographers (I believe this is the first time we’ve heard this number acknowledged, and in “score” form). Nigel Lythgoe said the voters were unanimous in wanting Tucker to stay over Nico, while the Jenna vs. Makenzie vote was closer: 9 votes to 6.

So essentially: Thank you for voting, America, but now it’s time to let the grownups talk.

Dances, though. Let’s focus on those. Here we go…

Amy and All-Star Brandon Bryant (season 5): disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez

Music: “I Will Always Love You (Hex Hector Radio Mix)” by Whitney Houston

This was great. Amy’s “CHECK OUT HOW MUCH FUN I’M HAVING!” facial expressions were on full blast along with her big hair, and they were totally working in this confetti-infused sparkler of a routine. Disco is never what we’re dying to see from either a finalist or an All-Star, but I can’t picture any of the Top 5 girls, at least, pulling this off better than Amy. “I think you are growing into your own All-Star,” Nigel hinted after telling Amy she could stand to learn a lot from Melanie tonight.

Don’t EVEN get me started on that incredible “Discolocation” (a.k.a. death drop) at the end. Insane.

Aaron and All-Star Kathryn McCormick (season 6): contemporary by Stacey Tookey

Music: “I’m Kissing You” by Des’ree

Ahhhh! My favorite. There was such a feeling throughout their segment. Kathryn — a marvel, plain and simple — was just gushing pride and joy for her new (romantic? just saying. looked like potential!) partner and how much he’s grown in just a few weeks. It’s not even that he’s become such a better dancer; it’s that he’s discovering the potential and versatility that’s been there all along, and he’s doing it in front of a national audience. I’m excited for him too! I’m particularly excited for his arms, because look at those things.

Are Kathryn’s feet actually pointe shoes? She’s freaking amazing. The pair captured the vibe Stacey had laid out so perfectly. Kathryn has this incredible way of disappearing into a dance while electrifying it (at often unexpected moments) throughout. With that silky pink dress and willingness to be flung any which way, she almost seemed like “unconditional love” itself, swishing and retracting and boiling over, under Aarons care. So good!

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