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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Unleash the Dragon House

The final night of auditions brings us to Atlanta as two members of a familiar dance crew audition with very different results.

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SYTYCD ATL Audtions Recap
Quantrell Colbert/FOX

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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The audition tour of season 11 has come to an end with a final stop in the dirty south in Atlanta, Georgia. Jookin’ dancer Lil Buck joined Mary and Nigel on the panel for a successful first day overall. That was until someone decided to speak up against Nigel and learned the hard way that that’s never a good way to get a ticket to the next round. The auditions this season have been pretty good, but it’s about time to get to the real competition and have the callbacks start next week. But let’s not sashay ahead of ourselves just yet.

Mariah Reives, 18: The first dancer of the night was this Georgia peach, who had her supportive mother in the audience cheering her on. Her jazz routine was pretty great, full of big splits, big kicks, and most importantly, big smiles. Mariah was able to show a bit of everything in the performance, which seemed to go a bit long—not that it’s a complaint, but they could have stopped and given her a ticket a full 30 seconds earlier. The panel gave it a unanimous standing ovation and all complemented Mariah’s great technique on top of her premium performance skills. Mary called her a real actress on stage with a massive vocabulary to pull from. Luckily, she will have a lot more time to show off what she can do. Next stop: Hollywood 

Eric “Silky” Moore, 24: Did no one advice Eric that maybe wearing a shirt that reads “I’m Not OK” for his audition wouldn’t be the best idea? Considering that his freestyle piece was said to be inspired by his grandmother and her time spent in an insane asylum, I’m gonna go ahead and assume Eric didn’t really have any help whatsoever in preparing for his third opportunity back on the show, after auditioning in seasons five and six as a tapper. Now Moore has concentrated his time in between to learn well, more. Except ballroom. “Here’s my thing about ballroom…” has to be one of the top 5 things not to say in front of Mary Murphy during your first audition at this point, right? After a false starts of sorts (aka Nigel stopping after 10 seconds, questioning what he was doing, and letting him proceed), Eric actually surprised everyone with a creative performance that showed versatility, musicality, and some very clear personality. Though he probably needed sent to choreography to be seen in a more structured setting, the panel had a lot of fun with Eric and want to have some… more. Next stop: Hollywood

Kelly MacCoy, 18: Many dancers (see Mariah above) come to the auditions with their parents as their support. Kelly’s parents may have had another idea and tried to steal the spotlight from their daughter as a pair of performers themselves. There’s always some pressure being from a show-biz family and Kelly didn’t seem to show off as much personality as her dad. That was until she started her jazz routine and showed way too much. Her parents are to blame here and the mentality of “turning it on” when performing. Though her ponytail head spins and splits were impressive, it seemed like there was an on and off switch with her from the start. She needs more of a dimmer switch and turning it down just a little bit because there is clearly a lot of natural talent here and confidence, which is still important and shouldn’t be confused with being conceited. And who doesn’t love some hysterical back falls? Also: Who ever referred to a back fall as hysterical before tonight? Next stop: Hollywood

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