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Survivor's Remorse recap: Guts

High-stakes gambling is all the rage in tonight’s episode. Will the rewards be worth the risk for Cam and Reggie?

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Survivor's Remorse

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Something doesn’t measure up here.

This week’s episode of Survivor’s Remorse was called “Guts,” yet it did not feature Cam climbing the Aggro Crag, or Cassie, Julius and M-Chuck competing one another in a round of — what else? — Slam Dunk. Considering that series creator and showrunner Mike O’Malley was once the host of the classic game show of the same name on Nickelodeon, I’m calling foul.

There may not have been a Day-Glo-colored obstacle course or a cute British referee on tonight’s episode of Survivor’s Remorse, but there’s one theme both the Debbie Allen-directed “Guts” and the O’Malley-hosted Guts have in common: High stakes.

Cam, Reggie, and Missy each faced their own version of the Aggro Crag this week, with Cam and Reggie preparing to take huge risks in order to reap greater rewards. Missy’s story line was a little different in the sense that risk wasn’t a factor, but the pressure she was under was no different from what her husband and cousin-in-law were experiencing in their own scenarios. She did learn a valuable lesson from her own self-imposed IQ test challenge, though: Brilliance can come in various forms.

Now that Cam’s relationship with Allison is blossoming — fans of Survivor’s Remorse call them “Camson” — the star athlete has decided it’s time to come clean with his new girlfriend about his murky HPV status (or as Cam refers to it, “my poison d–k”). Reggie and M-Chuck strongly caution him against being so honest, because at this early stage, who’s to say she can be trusted to not tweet this information to the world? Reggie also reminds his client that he’s not just a person anymore, but a brand. If Allison spreads the news that Cam might have HPV, there’s no telling what could happen to his career. But Cam is willing to take the risk, because his feelings for Allison have only grown since that interminable day in the hospital. Since she was the one person who assured him that things were going to be all right, he feels he owes her 100 percent honesty in return.

Cam and Allison have a romantic dinner at the upscale Chops Lobster Bar, making this the first time we’ve seen the MRI technician out of her scrubs. Since Cam can’t taste any of his food anyway — he pretty much says that all of his senses go numb whenever he’s around her — he drops the HPV bomb on his date. In a calm, sotto voce, the basketball player explains that he’s been “exposed” to the STD, he doesn’t have any symptoms, it’s non-cancerous — and in case she couldn’t tell, he’s read up on it extensively. But to his surprise, and what I am sure will be a shock to Reggie, Allison takes the news in stride. She’s not thrilled that her new beau might have HPV, but she’s much more impressed with his candor. “You know what that makes you?” she asks Cam. “A loser?” he replies. No, Cam, and I think your instincts were dead-on with this girl: “It makes you a man I could love.”

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