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Survivor's Remorse recap: The Date

Cam and Allison work on getting their relationship off the ground, while Julius gets a first-hand look at the dark side of law enforcement.

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Survivor's Remorse

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It feels weird to refer to this week’s episode of Survivor’s Remorse as a deeply satisfying one — coming away with renewed anger over the police-brutality epidemic in this country should never be called “satisfying.”

As its done all season, Survivor’s Remorse managed to put its signature comedic spin on the decidedly unfunny topic of law-enforcement violence and intimidation, while still making a very clear statement regarding its prevalence around the country. And for once, it was Mike Epps’ Julius — not Cam, not M-Chuck — who bore witness to the fact that life outside of his comfortable gated community includes cops who like to beat up on kids. Not that what Julius observes comes anywhere close to what happened to people like Eric Garner, Freddie Gray or Trayvon Martin; the writers wisely included a piece of dialogue where Epps’ character tells a teenager who’s been assaulted by the police and is complaining he can’t breathe that “if you’re walking and you’re talking, then you can breathe.” Epps’ delivery of this line is so flawless that it if it doesn’t conjure up images of victims like Garner or Gray, then you’re watching this episode incorrectly.

What also makes this episode so beautifully orchestrated is that even though Julius’ story line is technically one of the two subplots, the Cam-Allison narrative is pretty much resolved midway through the episode, which allows us to turn our attention almost entirely toward Julius’ predicament. Yes, we get a Cam-Allison coda that cleverly ties in the Julius subplot, but the writers have ensured that we don’t need to spend “The Date” worrying about “the date.”

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Having won over MRI technician Allison Pierce enough to end last week’s episode with her number in his phone, Cam has been working himself to the bone to prepare for their all-important first date, and it’s downright adorable. He’s been studying up on Ronald Reagan and Helen of Troy (courtesy of a history app), which at the very least, introduces the world “Spartan” into his vocabulary — and on Allison herself, courtesy of social media. While Reggie cautioned his cousin against doing such extensive pre-date Internet research, it turns out Allison was doing the exact same thing by reading up on how Cassie used to spank Cam with Hot Wheels tracks and how M-Chuck once punched him in the eye (I’m guessing she read Survivor’s Remorse recaps because she basically runs down the whole series to Cam when divulging what Google pulled up). So when Cam shows up at her doorstep, she’s still in her hospital scrubs and recommends they just nip this in the bud before anyone gets hurt, giving him the “we’re from two different worlds” speech.

Welcome to dating in the 21st century: Even when you do meet in person, the lure of social media and Internet trawling can destroy a relationship before it even begins. “You’re bouncing me pre-date based on Internet research?” exclaims Cam.

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