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Survivor recap: Adding Injury to Insults

Evidently a one-legged James is better than no James at all as the Heroes refuse to send their injured (and hot-headed) player home

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James Clement
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What does it take, exactly? How badly do you have to be injured before your tribe will you vote you out? Do you need to be shot at close range in the face? Will that do the trick? What about if you lost a limb — an arm, say? Is that enough to get sent home? It is not my desire to sound macabre. I’m just curious and all, seeing as how last night the Heroes tribe decided to keep a player who could not even walk! How absurd is that? James looks like he just stepped off the battlefield in a Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks produced HBO war miniseries, and then the tribe kept him instead of able-bodied Tom. Because he’ll definitely be more of a help in the challenges, right?

Remember when James said the tribe had to get rid of Stephenie based on her past results in challenges in Palau. Okay, let’s apply that same criteria to Tom. Hmmm, well, let’s see — his tribe that season never lost a single immunity challenge. Not one. And then he proceeded to dominate the individual challenges as well. Yeah, let’s get rid of that guy and keep Gimpy McGee over here with the occasional bouts of roid rage. (And what’s James’ record in challenges anyway? Sure, he’s massive, but he has never dominated in the way that Tom, Terry, and Ozzy did.) You know what? If I could swap a player out, I actually would take Probst’s niece over James at this point. C’mon, she’s a Probst so you know she is scrappy, surely has ingrained leadership skills, looks great in baseball caps, and will help your tribe get the benefit of the doubt at all times from the host.

My favorite part of the Heroes deliberation came courtesy of Rupert and Amanda. Rupert claimed that you don’t get rid of people because of injury, citing how it would have been just as wrong for people to have gotten rid of him for breaking his toe. Exactly! Because your tribe has been doing so well in challenges with you and your broken toe! Amanda put her rose colored glasses on as well, telling Rupert ” James is okay, right?” Of course, he’s okay! Pay no attention to that man limping with a splint covering his entire left leg! He’s fiiiiiiiiine. Absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about.

Obviously, Amanda and Rupert are concerned about their alliance numbers and nothing more, but in doing so, they are making it that much harder for their own tribe to win. And not only that, but they are running the risk of alienating people that may flip and align with others on the Villains side if given the opportunity. As for J.T. and Candice — I don’t now what the hell they are thinking. James, Amanda, and Rupert seem like an air-tight threesome (not that kind of threesome — get your head out of the gutter) so why would you want to be in an alliance on the outside of that? Had they both aligned instead with Tom and Colby, they would have made a much stronger foursome on a much more level playing ground. I think they flat-out blew it on this one. However, as we’ve seen in pretty much every single puzzle so far, thinking through all the possibilities has not been a strength of the Heroes tribe.

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