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Survivor season premiere recap: The Scariest Showmance Ever?

Coach goes from slaying dragons to slaying hearts as he and Jerri get their flirt on (ensue cringing)

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FINALLY!!!!!!! Geez Louise apple cheese, I’ve been waiting forever to write about Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Seriously, I think they filmed this back in 1981 right around the time of the first Space Shuttle launch it seemed so long ago. It was actually last August. I went on location through the first Tribal Council and have been dying to share some behind-the-scenes stuff with you guys that you didn’t see in the episode. But first we had to get all the way through season 19, argue about whether Russell was robbed or not, go holiday shopping, argue more about whether Russell was robbed or not, nurse a New Year’s Day hangover, argue more about whether Russell was robbed or not…. And here we are! Finally. But then again, not quite. Because before we get to the episode (and all the stuff you didn’t see), there are a few matters of protocol to get through regarding what we have on tap for you this season.

As all 17 of my @EWDaltonRoss Twitter followers already know, there will, unfortunately, be no Survivor Talk this season. I’m bummed. You’re bummed. Everybody’s bummed. Well, maybe not Dave Ball. Hey, I kid! (Actually, no. I’m pretty sure he hates us.) It just came down to some scheduling, timing, and not being able to get a crew in on Fridays to shoot. Anyway, hopefully it will return in the fall. But are we leaving you hanging? No, say I! We’ll still be doing interviews with the ousted contestants on Fridays. You’ll just have to read them instead of staring at my ugly mug talking on the telephone. (Pretty fair trade-off, all things considered.)

And we have some other goodies in store for you as well. Probst’s blog? Back! Deleted scenes? Back! We also have another special video treat: Before the game all the contestants recorded pep talks for themselves in the unfortunate event that they got voted off. Just a little pick-me-up in case they were feeling blue. And this week we have something else that is very special and just for you EW.com readers: Jeff Probst delivering his thoughts right after the first Tribal Council and predicting who will go next. Check that out, as well as Sugar’s pep talk to herself, and the deleted scene from last night’s episode, all at the very end of the column.

Okay, housecleaning over. Wait a minute! What the hell is happening? HOLY CRAP! JEFF PROBST IS BEING ATTACKED BY FOUR MILITARY CHOPPERS! Run, Jeff, run!!! Wait? What’s that? You say he’s not being attacked, but that rather people like Coach, Jerri, and Randy are on those choppers? Oh, well, in that case… run, Jeff, run!!! I was actually on the beach sitting underneath a palm tree when this whole scene went down and I still have the sand stuck in my hair to prove it. This week’s recap will be a bit different as I will try to hit on some of what we saw in the episode (best line of the night courtesy of Boston Rob: ”I’m a Villain?”) as well as giving you some bonus intel from being out there. And I’ve got some good intel on the reward challenge that kicked off the episode for you right now on the next page. Click on over for the scoop!

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