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Survivor recap: Idols Here, Idols There, Idols Everywhere!

The unstoppable Russell proves that good things do indeed come in threes

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Russell Hantz
Monty Brinton/CBS


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Here’s what I fully expect it to come to before this season of Survivor: Samoa is over. Contestants will wake up to find a neon sign hanging over their shelter saying “HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL, THIS WAY!” with a huge blinking arrow pointing toward the beach. As they walk down to the water, the contestants will then find a marked path to the hidden immunity idol. This path to the hidden immunity idol will be lined with…more hidden immunity idols! I don’t want to make this sound too easy, however. There will be obstacles in the path — obstacles like walls, and hills, and swinging rocks. Of course, all these obstacles, will, in fact, also be hidden immunity idols, so anyone can just take one and call it a day. If anyone for any reason is unable to locate the path, there will be strategically marked signs all over the beach with notes underneath that read “You’re looking for the path but lost your way. You better hurry, you don’t have all day. So turn around and…oh, to hell with it. This is a hidden immunity, too. Just take the damn thing already.”

It seems like I’m kidding here but are we really that far off from this becoming a reality? I mean, the word “hidden” has always been used pretty loosely when it comes to hidden immunity idols, but this last one was the most hilarious by far. Not only did the contestants get a painfully obvious clue about finding a mossy rock, but then they actually WATCHED A VIDEO SHOWING THE IDOL’S EXACT LOCATION!!! I mean, I honestly could not believe what I was seeing when this went down. The only way I think the producers could come up with something to make the players exert any less effort is if they gave them all-terrain Segways so they didn’t even have to walk to go find them. (By the way, am I the only person that bursts into hysterics every time someone passes me on one of those goofy things? Is it that hard to walk, people?!? Seriously, is putting one foot in front of the other really that much work?)

So, yes, the whole hidden immunity idol thing has become completely absurd, but there is no denying the drama it creates when those things come into play. So I get it why the producers make the HII so ridiculously easy to find. As Probst said in his blog last week, they “want it to be found.” And, in truth, so do we. I just think we’d all like to see people have to work for it just a little. It’s simply not feeling like much of an accomplishment anymore.

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