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Survivor recap: Sierra Fights Back... Finally!

The model goes toe to toe with the double-dealing Coach, calling him out for being…well, Coach

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Sierra Reed
Monty Brinton/CBS


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A lot of you thought I was too harsh on Sierra last week, but I stick by what I wrote. Yes, other tribe members were being mean to her, and yes, it was great to see big bully Tyson voted off instead, but she did nothing — NOTHING! — strategically or socially to make anyone want to keep her in the game. Hell, even the people that saved her didn’t bother telling her or including her in their plans. Southern gentleman J.T. even called her a “bitch.” I get that it’s natural to root for the underdog, but all she did was whine and pout. I demand action and intelligence from my Survivor contestants, not woe-is-me sob stories. I say all this, because Sierra finally did something worthwhile in this last episode (and no, I don’t mean being voted off). I’m not sure whether it was for strategic purposes or just because she was being vindictive, but the woman became aggressive. She got in Coach’s face. She made Debbie cry. She outed them both as liars, liars, pants on fire. It didn’t save her, but at least it showed she had a spine. And it sure was a lot more entertaining than her one-person pity party. But, as always, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take it from the top. After last week’s blindside of Tyson, we were all hotly anticipating how Coach was going to react. The answer: Total submissiveness. He and Debbie were falling all over themselves complimenting J.T. and Stephen on the move, even thanking them for not telling them beforehand. Thanking them!!! “Bold and brilliant, tonight,” said Coach. “Absolutely no hard feelings.” No hard feelings? What happened to “I will be a ravenous wolf for anybody who wants to go head to head with me and I will cut them off at the knees with no remorse and no regret”? What could have possibly transpired in the mere one-hour or so it took to get back to camp? Did the wolf stop for a snack along the way and become significantly less ravenous? Wow, way to back up those words, Coach. You’re such a freakin’ warrior! While J.T. and Stephen assured/lied to Debbie and Coach that they still wanted to go to the final 4 with them, Debbie was starting to wonder if they should try to get the old Timbira together. Ah, old Timbira. Never have I seen a tribe up in numbers at the merge self-destruct so quickly. Absolutely amazing. You know what was not that amazing, however? The reward challenge. This is what the Survivor producers like to refer to as a “F— you” challenge. Basically, they ask a lot of questions in the hopes of upsetting cast members who find out their tribemates don’t like them as much as they thought, and then make them eliminate each other in the hopes that it will reveal to someone that they are much further down in the pecking order than they anticipated. Unfortunately, neither thing happened. It was hard for Coach to get too upset with being named as the person who hasn’t lived up to their potential, when even he chose himself. And Debbie couldn’t get too riled up about being picked as the person who would never survive on her own when she already thought that about herself as well. So, a bit anticlimactic, that one. NEXT: Stephen does something dumb