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Survivor recap: Sweet Times

Everyone is surprised when there are two tribal councils, and the backstabbing really begins, as one cocky contestant gets completely blindsided

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Survivor Jessica Kiper L
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Oh! Oh! I just came up with the best Halloween costume! I was gonna go as Terrell Owens and simply drop all the candy that people threw to me, but I’ve come up with something totallybetter. Instead, I’m going to shave my head, talk in a borderline-phony English accent, and then pour sugar all over myself until I am completely buried and can no longer breathe. Then someone will come along and shine a cold blue light of death on my rotting corpse.

In all seriousness, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I liked Ace. Ace was entertaining. Ace played the game hard when it came to both challenges and strategy. But Ace made one fatal mistake. One fatal mistake that can doom even the most skilled Survivor contestant: Ace picked a really stupid person to be his partner. At least stupid when it comes to playing Survivor. Make no mistake, Ken made a great move when he came up with one of the most blatant lies I’ve ever seen on this show and told Sugar about a magical conversation in which Ace talked all sorts of smack about her. Usually contestants just kinda blur the truth; Kenny completely obliterated it. And I applaud him for that. I really do. But jeez Louise apple cheese, is it really that easy to dupe someone? I get that Ace does not come off as the most trustworthy person, but how is it in his interest to get rid of someone who is so loyal to him and who he has fought tooth and nail to protect? He needs allies. Earth to Sugar: You were his ally!

I’m mad, you can tell. If I could turn green like the Hulk (not Edward Norton or Eric Bana, but Lou Ferrigno style) I would. But can you blame me? Ace was one of the few interesting characters we had this season, and now he’s gone. We won’t even have him around for the jury to roll his eyes at all the stupidity coming out of people’s mouths. I get that a lot of you found him unbearably condescending, but the dude made good TV. And not just in some loose-cannon sort of way. Like I said, he played the game hard, and the fact that people like Crystal and Susie are still around while he is not is kind of a bummer.

Speaking of Crystal, she was the star of a truly bizarre sequence to begin the episode: knocking over the rice, then going to sleep, then refusing to eat any rice because she knocked it over, then getting mad at people for not getting mad at her for knocking over the rice. I have to say, talking to Crystal before the game started — she was a completely different person. She was funny, bubbly, excited. But man, has this experience weighed on her. She just looks beaten down and defeated.

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