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Survivor recap: The Comeback Kids

Despite their first-week bumbling, the Fang tribe avoids going to tribal council, while Kota feels the sting of an eviction

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Sugar Survivor
Monty Brinton


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Before we get to our recap of last night’s Survivor, allow me to say this: I blew it. I blew it because there’s one thing I always do in my first Survivor recap of the season. What’s that, Dalton, make a complete and utter ass of yourself? Okay, two things. What I was actually referring to was my episode 1 Survivor winner prediction. After years of downright awful prognosticating, I did the unthinkable, nailing three winners in a row from the very outset: Yul, Earl, and Todd. And then last season, I came damn close again with Cirie. “So why no prediction last week?” many of you asked. Frankly, I just forgot. This was particularly embarrassing because I actually locked down my pick back in June before the game even began, once I interviewed all the contestants. And that pick is…Charlie. I’m not sure if it’s because he is obviously a student of the game, because I thought he could get in close with both the girls and the boys, or because I got the vague sense that he may have been flirting with me, but he’s my pick, so there you go.

One other programming note: A lot of you asked about the Survivor Talk EW.com interview show I did last season with Josh Wolk. Due to a bunch of logistical snafus, it’s not coming back, at least not this season. But you’re unlikely to miss it when you see what else we have lined up for you. You all already know about the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekly blog from Jeff Probst with his thoughts on the episode that you can access here, but starting today we also have another ridiculously cool addition: a Survivor secret scene! This is a scene that didn’t make it in to the latest episode and is only available to you fine EW.com readers…uh, viewers…whatever. The point is that the peeps over at Survivor know how cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs you guys are about the show, so they’ve decided to hook you up. Every week, check back to see your exclusive deleted scene, which can be found at the end of this column. Or, if you’re really impatient, you can just click here.

Okay, now that we have that business out of the way, let’s get to it. Episode 3 began with G.C. refusing to go down to two meals a day because some other people wasted rice. His philosophy seems to boil down to “Oh, you want to waste rice? I’ll show you how to waste some damn rice!” He then went on to try and paint a scarlet “L” on Randy, who became the latest Fang member to refuse a leadership position. Why don’t they just elect one of those elephants we keep seeing as tribe leader and be done with it already?

NEXT: Fang wins!