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Survivor season finale recap: Kim Spradlin wins

The jury gets it right, with an extra push from the most unlikely source

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Survivor Recap


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It’s no secret that I wasn’t crazy about this season of Survivor. Just not enough likeable people and not enough signature moments for my taste. But there is something satisfying about watching the most deserving player from the starting line to the finish line being rewarded for their efforts. And that is what happened on Survivor: One World when Kim Spradlin was crowned the winner. Kim may not have the on-screen charm or charisma that Tom Westman, Parvati Shallow, or Boston Rob had, but her win was every bit as impressive.

There are three aspects to Survivor: the social, the strategic, and the physical. Kim was head and shoulders better than anyone else in all three categories. She duped Troyzan, She duped Jay. She duped Alicia and Christina. She duped everyone. And not in a mean way, but in a smart way. And she won four individual immunities as icing on the cake. The thing that truly sealed the deal for…

[Door busts open to Ross residence; in walks a scraggly looking man in a buff]

Dalton: “Ummm Troyzan, what are you doing here?”

Troyzan: “Look, you, just so you know, Mr. Fancy Recapper guy, that is still my island, okay? People say I’m just like Richard Hatch…only better!”

Dalton: “Okay. If you say so.”

Troyzan: “Let me just ask you one thing. Just one thing. Tell me the moment where in your mind you basically decimated my chances of winning this game. And you better tell me the right answer, or else!”

Dalton: “Or else what?”

Troyzan: “Or else I’m going to vote for Sabrina to take over your recaps.”

Dalton; “Sabrina?”

Troyzan” Yes, Sabrina. She’s a teacher so at least she won’t have any many stupid typos as you do.”

Dalton: “Harsh, but fair.”

Troyzan: “So when was it? When was the moment you demolished in your mind my chances of winning this game?”

Dalton: “I suppose the moment I found out you called yourself Troyzan.”

Troyzan: “SABRINA, GET OVER HERE! I’M VOTING FOR YOU AGAIN! Pssst, I vote for her for something anytime I don’t like what people tell me.”

Dalton: “Okay, well, can I just finish that one last recap at least?

Troyzan: “Fine, but make sure to talk all about how much sense my final vote made. And how I’ve played the best game that anyone has ever seen.”

Dalton: “Oh, yeah, definitely. One for the ages, buddy!”

Okay, sorry about that. Back to our regularly scheduled recap. Unfortunately, Kim had no legitimate competition, which is why the journey for One World viewers felt so unfulfilling at times this season. But if you like to see greatness rewarded, then the end couldn’t help but be satisfying. After all, what was the alternative? Alicia?!? (After all, according to her, she and Kim are total twinsies!) Okay, let’s take it from the top in an episode that provided one great challenge, one not so great challenge, the return of an old friend, and the redemption of Kat Edorsson.


Every Survivor finale has one big, huge, epic challenge, and tonight’s first competition fit the bill. The players had to untie ropes to open a gate, race across a giant balance beam maze, traverse a rope net while collecting five bags of puzzle pieces, and then use pieces to solve puzzle, which would give them clues to three numbers. Okay, let me stop and catch my breath for a second. Alright, then they had to use those three numbers to solve the combination lock.

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