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Survivor recap: Welcome to the Vomitorium

It’s the return of the Survivor food challenge, as well as a return to some good ol’ fashioned strategy talk of yesteryear

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THIS. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Plotting. Scheming. Betrayal. Lies being spewed. Lines being drawn. Sides being taken. Survivor: Caramoan had been big on big personalities, but light on any semblance of strategy or actual gameplay. Well, we finally got a delicious dose of it this evening as Corinne and Malcolm attempted to make their first move against the Favorites majority, only to then be successfully countered by the people they were attempting to overthrow. It was truly marvelous to behold, and long overdue after we were repeatedly subjected to the ravings of lunatics (Shamar and Brandon) for so long.

One comment to one person can completely make or break your chances in this game. Let’s look at the two big ones and how they played out differently.

Comment #1: Corinne to Dawn

After the merge, Corinne used some sort of Jedi mind trick to convince the rest of her Favorites alliance to vote off Sherri instead of one of the two more physical threats (Reynold and Eddie). What the alliance did not know is that at the following Tribal, Corinne’s new alliance of her, Malcolm, Eddie, Reynold, Michael, and Erik would then presumably make a play against Phillip. It could have worked. All she had to do was keep her mouth shut. Maybe she felt like she needed Dawn in case Erik wasn’t with the program (which we’ll get into in a bit), but the subject should not have been broached until after they had all gone along with the plan to vote off Sherri first.

Instead, she blabbed to Dawn about turning against Phillip on the next vote. Why do that? Or, more accurately, why do that now when you have no numbers advantage? Because you know there is a risk that if Dawn does not like what she hears she will go back and tell the others and then you are completely screwed. And that is exactly what happened. I love that Corinne was playing the game aggressively, but you have to plan your aggressive moves at the right time, and the nonsensical timing for telling Dawn of the later move against Phillip could not have been any worse. That one comment is what got Corinne voted out of this game.

Comment #2: Andrea to Erik

Well, this wasn’t a comment so much as it was a point to Corinne’s name on the new tribe flag. After Dawn told Cochran about Corinne’s plan, and Cochran told Andrea, and Andrea told Phillip, and Phillip told Sherri, a new plan was hatched to oust Corinne. Andrea then went and informed Erik. This is where things got interesting because now the question became, what would Erik do? He could bring this to his new Gota bromance alliance, and they could potentially decide to give Corinne the hidden immunity idol, giving their side the numbers going forward. Or he could stay with the Faves plus Sherri crew, which was the safer play. We saw how Corinne’s decision to talk to Dawn backfired on her, but would Andrea’s finger point to Erik now come back to haunt the other side?

That was the question heading into Tribal, but Erik decided to not only play it safe, but play it smart, I think. There still seems to be enough flux in that majority Favorites alliance that I don’t think Erik is clearly sitting at the bottom and needed to make a move. He can probably sit back for a few more weeks and make his bottom-to-top move then. Plus, had he joined with the other side, he wouldn’t have improved his position any. In fact, seeing as how tight some of those other people are, he may have been in an even worse spot.

In any event, the moral of these two stories is to be very careful whom you talk to, what you say, and when you say it. And pray that what you are telling them doesn’t come back to bite you in the you-know-what. Now, without further ado, let’s recap this episode from the very tippy top.

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