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Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance recap: You Call, We'll Haul

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People on Survivor sure do love giving the finger. In fact, I can honestly say the only place I’ve seen anyone give the finger over the past few years is on Survivor. Personally, I haven’t given anyone the finger in probably over a decade. You know why? BECAUSE NOBODY GIVES THE FINGER ANYMORE!

That’s not entirely true. Norman Reedus has turned finger-giving into something of an art form, but aside from The Walking Dead star, it just doesn’t seem like something that people really do in this millennium. And why should they? For one thing, it’s simply not very effective. Am I supposed to be upset if someone raises his or her middle finger at me? Because, honestly, the only emotion that elicits is mere confusion. Like, is that supposed to make me angry? Because it just doesn’t. Instead, it just makes me think, “Why is this person doing something that has not been done since the 1990s?”

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Am I out of the loop here? Do people still flip the bird with the regularity that a Survivor episode would have you believe? I will admit that Sugar’s topless double middles in the first Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains challenge was pretty epic, but more often than not, the finger just feels like a relic from another era. Am I all turned around on this? Do you walk about flipping people off? Is this really the sort of thing intelligent adults still do in modern society? It is if your name is Kass or Andrew, apparently!

While this middle-finger salute can’t help but strike me as somewhat antiquated, at the same time I can only hope this trend catches fire among the entire Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance cast. Here’s to Ciera giving a one-digit salute to Probst when he gets too lippy during a challenge. Here’s to Abi flipping off everyone. Here’s to Fishbach attempting to give the Joe the finger but straining a ligament in the process and having to be medevaced off the island. It’s all fair game from here on out!

But I would be extending a big metaphorical finger to all of you if I did not recap this stellar episode of Survivor, so let’s get to it! After we get some choice repeat footage of Fishbach crying in the “previously on…” segment, we cut to day 20, where Savage is boasting to Jeremy about how their “brilliant plan played to perfection.” I don’t know how much brilliance was required for an overwhelming majority to take out the easiest target, but sure, well played. Andrew goes on to talk about how his dream of making the jury has come true…and even sooner than he thinks!

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Savage wants one of the women gone, but Ciera is still busy working the margins. She tells Stephen she’d love to work with him in making a move against Joe if he doesn’t win immunity. Giving Stephen this information is akin to asking a Deadhead if he’d like to join in a game of Hacky Sack while smoking some weed out of an old can of Mello Yello. The answer is basically going to be HELL TO THE YEAH! “I don’t want to sit around and be run over by a bunch of bros,” says Stephen. To be completely fair, Stephen has already been run over by a tree branch, so I’m not sure exactly how he is going to fare against the “bunch of bros.”

Oh, I give Stephen a hard time because I genuinely like the guy and know he is laughing just as hard at himself as we all are. Also, I’m sure he won’t do anything embarrassing at the reward challenge. Speaking of the reward challenge, it is water-based but unfortunately, once again, not really in the water.

Regular readers know how passionate I am about real water challenges in which players are diving down 13 feet deep to unhook things or what have you, and unfortunately Cambodia has proven to be another location (like Nicaragua and Samoa) in which you can only do so much in the water. You can paddle on it, and you can run in it or swim in narrow stretches, but that’s about it. Bummer. But I know how tiresome it is to hear me complain about this over and over, so I’ve tried to keep my grumbling to a minimum this season, especially because I do otherwise like the locale.

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