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Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance recap: Bunking With the Devil

Terry gets terrifying news from home — and we lose two contestants.

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We all see what’s happening here, right? It’s Dr. Will all over again. Who the hell is Dr. Will, you ask? Legitimate question. Dr. Will was the winner of Big Brother 2. Will Kirby was his name. Still is, as far as I know. Will was part of the unfortunately named “Chill Town” alliance that was fronted by him and an even more-unfortunately named white rapper who went by Mike Boogie. (In one of his in-house raps, Mike Boogie rhymed the word “party” with fellow contestant “Hardy.” He was quite the wordsmith.)

Anyway, Chill Town thought they were running the game but were quickly decimated by the rest of the house, which upset Will and Boogie greatly, who lamented that the house was being run by a bunch of “nerds.” Seriously, this was their greatest concern. They couldn’t understand how people less cool than themselves had somehow come into power. It was their worst high school nightmare come to life.

But then something weird happened. After all of his Chill Town allies were voted out, Dr. Will stuck around. “Eh, we can get him out anytime,” many people reasoned. “Hey, I can use him as a number to get rid of someone else instead and then take Will out after that,” said others. Week after week after week, Will was going to be the next to go — only he never did. Do I even need to tell you that he ended up winning the game?

Will was smart and savvy. He laid low when he needed to, and then when he got close to the end, he pounced. Are we now watching this exact same scenario play out again with Spencer Bledsoe? I certainly hope so, seeing as how he was my preseason pick to win the game, and every week he stays, he makes me look a little less stupid. Yet, at the same time, it is frustrating to see player after player constantly underestimate Spencer’s skill and savvy in this game. Getting rid of Shirin, Monica, and Woo before Spencer? Seriously?!?! What happened to getting rid of the biggest threat when you have the chance? Especially when that person is not part of your numbers and has no real allegiance to you whatsoever?

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I give Ciera a total pass on this week’s vote. Savage way overplayed his hand by dictating the action instead of asking, and once Ciera heard her name go up as the pawn, she was well within her rights to flip the script to guarantee she was not in any actual danger. But what were Abi and Kass thinking? (I actually know what Abi is thinking: something about someone being dead to her. Most likely Woo, because she still has not gotten over those two votes he gave her.)

So Spencer lives to play another day. That’s good news for him. It’s good news for me. And it’s certainly good news for producers, who have never met a Spencer confessional interview sound bite they did not like. I think the scoreboard on confessionals at this point is something along the lines of:

Spencer: 168

Kelly Wiglesworth: 1

Hell, Terry’s son, Danny, has gotten more screen time this season than Wiglesworth. But here’s the thing: The longer you leave someone like Spencer in the game and say “No biggie, we can take care of him later,” the more dangerous he becomes — certainly more dangerous than Monica and Woo. We’ll see if this is the latest in a series of moves that comes back to haunt the remaining Second Chancers, especially since Spencer is now on about his fifth chance.

Okay, let’s get to it and recap an episode that saw bookend eliminations at start and finish. The episode begins with a boat arriving at Ta Keo camp, a tribe that was not even at that night’s Tribal Council. This is never a good sign. An even worse sign is Jeff Probst showing up at your beach. Delightful guy, but he’s never bringing good news, so when he strolls up the sand toward the shelter, it can’t help but feel ominous. “Terry,” he whispers. “Hey it’s Probst. I need to talk to you for a second. Come on out.”

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