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Survivor recap: Blood vs. Water' recap: Arasted Development

Aras makes a big move early in the game. But was it too big? And too early? Honestly, I have no idea.

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I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t. Was this a good move by Aras to vote out Laura Morett, or a case of a smart guy overthinking his decision? Usually I am able to come right out authoritatively and scream BRILLIANT! or IDIOT! or CRAP, I’M OUT OF MILWAUKEE’S BEST! at the top of my lungs. Now, with this whole Blood vs. Water conceit, there are so many layers upon layers upon layers that a seemingly great move could screw you, or an awful move could end up working out just fine. Let’s examine this decision by Aras to get rid of Laura M. instead of Laura B. as a test case for all the ways in which you need to think — and perhaps overthink — each move you make. Was this a sound play by Aras? Let’s look at the pros and cons.


Getting rid of Morett gives you a person more likely to defeat Brad at Redemption Island, and if Brad is gone, then Monica is more likely to stay loyal to Aras and the alliance. Sounds great!


What are you doing?!? You just got rid of your best puzzle solver! Twice you were in danger of losing challenges in which you would have had to vote people out, but Morett came from behind to defeat her own self-proclaimed puzzle ninja of a daughter. Huge advantage in challenges you gave up. Moron!


Great foresight! Morett is on the outside of the main alliance and more likely than Boneham to be able to sneakily flip someone or make a new alliance with the newbies at the merge or tribe shake-up, so best to get rid of her now. As evidenced by the awkward way she lamely attempted to sow the seeds of discontent after the challenge, Boneham has neither the savvy nor the skill to pull something like that off. She is more likely to stay in line if made to feel safe and less likely to flip to the newbies since they already voted her off their tribe. Congratulations, you’ve done it again, Baskauskas!


What are you thinking?!? Aras has already won this game before. He should be seen as a huge threat. So the thing he should be doing right now is merely blending in — or at least giving off the appearance of blending in. Why open everybody’s eyes to the fact that you are playing this game so hard so early? Now, don’t get me wrong: What Aras did in cutting Morett loose is not even close to being on the level of Brad slitting one of his closest alliance member’s throats in John, which was flat-out stupid. But Aras definitely led the charge on this one, and does he really want to be seen as the guy leading the charge? Well, he is now.


Makes for a much more fun season to watch. Thanks for that.


Laura Morett gave terrific backrubs!

So there you have it. Pick your side. My friend Janae seems to think it was a solid move by Aras. The fun part is, I can’t tell her if she’s right or wrong. We’ll just have to wait and find out. Now, of course, it should be noted that in the previews for next week, it appears the tribes are going to be mixed up, so the advantage to keeping Laura around in terms of helping in puzzles is negated (unless you end up on her tribe) while the disadvantage to keeping her around in fear that she will flip is magnified, but they could not have known that was going to happen when they made their move. The point is, with this whole Blood vs. Water setup, it is harder than ever to judge whether moves like this are brilliant or buffoonish. Which is kind of fun. And makes my job a lot harder. Okay, let’s recap this sucker from the very top…

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