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Supernatural season finale recap: Supernatural finale recap

Dean and Sam find some closure in the two-hour finale…and an unlikely new foe

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I don’t think I’ve had so much trouble writing a Supernatural recap ever. The problem? Well, despite there being two hours of material to cover, the final moment twist and where we left the brothers is so uncertain, it’s hard to put this season into context.

That’s not to say that season finales need to wrap everything into a neat little bow — in fact, some of Supernatural‘s best season finales left the Winchesters’ world strewn about. But even those finales left us with major questions. (“Who will survive the car crash?” “How will Sam get Dean out of Hell?” “What does the end of the world look like?”) This year, I don’t have anything specific to ask. Simply, I’m wondering: Now what? That sort of bugs me. Castiel is God. Ellipses. Question mark. But while I have my qualms with the final note, the (two hour) journey we took to get here was pretty darn good.

The first hour began with the gang trying to track down the how-to guide for locating Purgatory that famed horror author H.P. Lovecraft once had. But their search was somewhat put on the backburner when Dean’s ex-lady friend, Lisa, and Manga-reading not-kid, Ben, were captured by Crowley. Crowley wanted Dean and Jolly Green to call off their plans to foil his Purgatory plans. If they did, the once pseudo-fam would live. (Can’t say the same about Lisa’s downgrade of a rebound boyfriend, though. RIP.)

Dean and Sam decided to call 1-800-REPLACE-AN-ANGEL and got Balthazar. Their new manservant. Only he proved to be less than cooperative. In fact, he was downright unhelpful at times, refusing to stick his neck out for them like they were accustomed to Cas doing. But this is what they got for burning a bridge, I suppose.

But in the absence of help from Balthazar, we saw the return of Dean the Torturer, which made me as wildly uncomfortable as the first time we saw it. But if there would be one thing in this world that would make Dean turn back into that person, it would be family related.

Very quick side note here because I pay too much attention to details: Did anyone else get a very odd feeling from Sam’s statement that Dean was “running on Whiskey, coffee and anything else you’ve taken”? That comment combined with the fact that they never addressed the shady pills that Dean offered Sam earlier this season made me hope they’re not pulling a Gossip Girl and giving Dean a background drug problem (like Blair’s eating disorder). I mean, they’re already sort of alcoholics. Lay off!

Anyway, once Dean’s torturing turned dangerous (he accidentally broke the devil’s trap), Castiel stepped in and saved him…again. But Dean didn’t think that Cas saving his life was reason enough to quit trying to stop him from opening purgatory — even though Cas asked him to back off. Later on in the episode, Castiel would reflect on this betrayal and distrust. And part of me thinks it was a large part of him taking his soul-eating too far.

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