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Supernatural recap: How the West Was Full of Win

Dean and Sam travel to 1861 in hopes of finding the one thing that might be able to kill the Mother of All — and dress like cowboys

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Jack Rowand/The CW


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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins
The CW
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Like Dean, I was beside myself with excitement about the Winchesters going back in time to the Old West. And if this week’s swollen section of quotes is any indication, our wait was well worth it!

Seriously, creating this weeks “quotables” section nearly set my fingers ablaze like the guns of two smokin’ hot rival cowboys at high noon. Mmmmm…two smokin’ hot rival cowboys at high noon. Now there’s a mental picture worth taking to your dreams tonight. Focus, Sandra. Focus. Let’s recap, partners!

We opened with Sam showing Dean and Bobby the Campbell family library, an underground bunker filled with lore books and creepy old photos. They were there to “find anything that would put a run in Octomom’s stockings,” according to Bobby. And boy did they. Only their search revealed a bigger issue: Dean’s sharing problems. Kidding. They had to find a phoenix (specifically its ashes), which, according to lore, could burn the Mother. The hitch? The last sighting of the phoenix was in 1861 when Samuel Colt shot one into a pile of ash. Luckily, Dean, who you’ll recall also had the bright idea of turning themselves into ghosts in season 4, was once again a man with a plan: “We’ll Star Trek IV this bitch.”

Only the man they needed for their time travel adventure wasn’t available and sent his bitchy lieutenant Rachel to deal with it. This was not the genie Dean was hoping for.

While I think Rachel had a point that the boys call Castiel “when they need something,” I would probably counter by pointing out two things: 1) There’s sort of a lot to deal with right now. 2) He’s still an angel. What else are they going to call him for? Wii tournaments? A little Rock Band jam session? No. Bugger off, Rachel.

Castiel showed up just as things got heated between her and Dean (and not in a sexy way), and Cas offered to help. They had 24 hours to find Colt and return with the ashes or risk being left there for good. Although, Dean probably wouldn’t have minded — nor would I because then we’d get to see them in cowboy gear every week and listen to that awesome score they put in the background of this episode.

Just after their arrival, the boys witnessed the execution of a man, and later turned out that he was their phoenix. And the boys had to get the colt in time to kill him before he sought revenge on the three men who hung him.

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