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Supernatural premiere recap: Season 12, Episode 1

Mary’s reunited with Dean (and introduced to Cas) just as the British Men of Letters kidnap Sam

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Katie Yu/The CW


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Sci-fi, Drama
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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins
The CW
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Well, Supernatural fans. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to season freakin’ 12! Before we dig into the action of the premiere, let’s quickly recap where we left off so that you’re, hopefully, less confused than Mary Winchester is right now. Last season ended with God and Amara taking some time away to mend their relationship, but only after Amara resurrected Mary. And back at the bunker, Toni Bevell — from the British Men of Letters — blasted Cas away before shooting Sam.

All caught up? Great. Let’s get into it.

Season 12 kicks off with Mary right where we left her in season 11 (and in the same nightgown we last saw her in IN THE PILOT). Dean’s not convinced she’s real … until she nearly breaks his arm when he tries to touch her. Just like that, Dean knows it’s mom, and that means it’s his turn to try to rattle off everything he knows about his parents’ relationship in order to convince her that he’s her 4-year-old son … only, 33 years later.

About five fun facts into Dean’s speech, Mary realizes she’s standing in front of her son. And as the reality settles in for both of them, Dean looks at the woman he’s always dreamt of having in his life and simply says, “Hi, mom” as I burst into tears.

Dean explains how John died — sacrificing himself to save Dean — and he attempts to tell Mary about all the times they’ve met before. Long story short, Dean traveled back in time twice, and then there was that time he talked to ghost Mary. Yeah, she doesn’t remember any of that. Oh, and God has a sister. She’s the one who brought you back to life. Or as Dean puts it, “It’s a lot.” (I feel like that’s what I want to say to anyone when I’m explaining this show: “It’s a lot.”)

For now, Dean’s focused on getting mom home (and into some Winchester-approved clothing). Meeting them at the bunker is Castiel, who crash lands about three hours from Lebanon before stealing some poor guy’s truck. This angel means business, and I have to say, seeing him use the “touch the forehead” trick again made me way too happy. Cas is back!

But before we get to the Cas-Mary run-in, we catch up with Sam, who’s currently tied up in the back of an SUV. (Maybe he was too tall to fit in a trunk?) Toni has found a veterinarian that she pays $100,000 to fix Sam’s bullet wound. You know, the one she gave him. Then, she and her hitwoman friend chain Sam to a chair and introduce themselves.

It seems the British Men of Letters have been watching the Winchesters ever since the world almost ended the first time — so approximately when Lucifer was freed at the end of season 4. Apparently the “old man” didn’t see the point in the British chapter helping the Winchesters stop the apocalypse the first time around — I mean, it’s only the END OF THE WORLD, right? — but after everything happened with the Darkness, they’ve decided now’s the time to step in and change things. Or, as they put it, “help.”

Fun fact: Winchesters hate help and they don’t trust strangers. Sam tells Toni to give it her best shot, because, “I’ve been tortured by the devil himself so you, you’re just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?” The answer, it turns out, is freeze him to death with a very cold shower.

Back at the bunker, Mary proves she hasn’t lost her hunter senses when she and Dean spot a trail of blood, and she very smartly assesses the situation and declares, “That’s blood.” Wow, Mary. You still got it.

It doesn’t take long for Castiel to show up and bear hug Dean when he realizes that he’s still alive. (They all thought Dean blew himself up in order to save the world from Amara.) And with that hug, Dean is left to inform his mother that angels exist — wings, harp, and all. Well, maybe not harp.

Cas tells Dean about the woman in the bunker and Dean is able to use traffic cams to start the tracking process. Meanwhile, Mary still doesn’t understand anything that’s happening, which leads to this great interaction:

Mary: “Is that a computer?”

Castiel: “Yes. I don’t trust them.”

As much as I loved Cassifer, it’s so good to have Cas back.

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