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Guys. GUYS. This is one of those moments where I can’t seem to find the words, which is really unfortunate, because here I am, writing a recap. But I will say this: I really liked this season-ender. I think I slightly preferred the penultimate episode to the finale, but both were solid and worked extremely well as a package deal. Am I emotionally shattered from those deaths? Of course I am. Do I think they’ll stick? I’m not positive, but the fact that I’m doubting it means this show is doing something right.

Okay, let’s start with the penultimate hour.

We kick things off by checking in with a brainwashed Mary Winchester, who’s currently picking off hunters like it’s her job. And based on the text Ketch just sent her, Jody Mills is on her list.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are trapped in the bunker with Toni, who convinces them not to kill her under the promise that she’ll fix Mary when all of this is said and done. Furthermore, Toni’s the one who tells them about the manual override switch outside of the bunker. Yes, you read that right. It’s outside of the bunker. Hence the problem.

In day one of being trapped, Sam decides that magic is their way out. Surely there has to be a spell that can help them break free. Well, that’s probably true, and they even get close, but the thing is: Ketch put a mystical dampener of some sort on the bunker, so magic is out.

Next idea? The boys spend day two going “straight Shawshank” and trying to break through a concrete wall because behind it sits a pipe that leads to the surface. But all the muscle in the world couldn’t break through that wall in the short amount of time that they have. Defeated, Sam and Dean take a break, and Sam can’t seem to forgive himself for ever trusting the British Men of Letters. He admits that he followed them simply because following was easier than leading.

When Sam asks Dean if this is how he pictured the end, Dean admits he always thought they’d go out like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid — in a blaze of glory. Just like that, Dean gets an idea. It’s time for the grenade launcher!

Having his Die Hard moment, Dean shoots the grenade launcher at the wall, and it works! Just as Sam collapses from the thinning air, the power comes back on, and Dean opens the front door. He made it out, and all he’s got to show for it is a bloody leg.

Once they’re free, Sam and Dean start calling hunters to warn them about the BMOL. Dean gets in touch with Garth, but it’s Jody they’re worried about. By the time they get to Jody’s, Mary is already tied up. It seems Jody took her down, and now, it’s Toni’s turn to fix her. Only, she can’t. Spoiler: She lied in order to save herself. (Shocker!) Toni claims Mary can’t be saved, and when Ketch won’t stop calling Mary’s phone, Sam goes into full leader mode.

Sam gathers all the hunters Jody can find and gives the sort of speech you’d expect to end with a “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” As Dean looks on proudly, Sam tells them that it’s time to take the fight to the British Men of Letters. “We will win. We will take down the bad guys, because that’s what we do,” Sam tells them. “They’re scared of us, yeah. Good. They should be.”
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