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Supernatural recap: Season 12, Episode 4

Sam helps a child with psychic abilities, while Dean grapples with Mary’s absence

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Jack Rowand/The CW


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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
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At this point, Supernatural could introduce just about any creature to its world and the fans would go along with it. But after 11 years, there are a few staples — whether we’re talking about a vampire, a werewolf, or even a psychic child. Let’s never forget Sam himself was once, um, gifted. And in this week’s case, we see Sam put his experiences to good use.

We start in Iowa, where a case worker from Child Protective Services walks into a church with holes in her hands and feet…and as she slowly dies, lashes appear on her back. So you know, if this season wasn’t feeling creepy — or religious — enough for you, tonight’s episode should fill your quota.

The best part about this scenario? It gets Sam and Dean back in their priest outfits, and this time, they’re posing as Father Penn and Father De Niro. Because they can.

At first, the boys’ best guess as to what they’re hunting is some kind of rogue angel, but after a quick call in to Cas, Dean discovers that’s not possible. He also discovers Castiel has officially teamed up with Crowley to find Lucifer, though sadly, we see none of that this week. One thing we do see, however, is Dean struggling with Mary’s decision to take some time to herself.

When Dean gets a moment alone, he texts his mom to see if she’s okay and to ask whether he should call her “mom” or “Mary.” There’s no response, and as Dean puts it, “I’m a 13-year-old girl.”

Sam returns in just enough time to get caught up on the Lucifer of it all. And as it turns out, Sam’s a big fan of Vince Vicente. (Perhaps he’s his hair idol?)

The boys head over to check out Olivia’s (the victim’s) office, where her coworker Beth is already making herself at home. Just like that, Dean decides Beth, a witch, clearly killed Olivia to get the better office… Yet, how does that explain the delivery boy who just died?

With a second victim, Sam’s able to draw a connection to the Peterson family. According to Beth, they’re a very religious family that lives out in the country with no cars and no electricity. Their eldest daughter, Magda, died a few years back after coming down with pneumonia, as the family wouldn’t allow her medical treatment so as not to mess with “God’s will.”

Sam and Dean head straight to the farm, where Dean admits he’s worried Mary isn’t going to come back, leading to this amazing exchange:

Sam: “Sometimes families do better after a little time apart.”

Dean: “Yeah, who? The Mansons?”

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