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'Supernatural' recap: 'Mamma Mia'

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Katie Yu/The CW


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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
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We’ve seen a lot of interrogations on this show. Like, A LOT. But there’s one method that isn’t used nearly enough, if you ask me: sex. And that’s exactly where we start the episode, with Toni questioning Sam in between makeouts … well, sort of. Long story short, Toni isn’t actually smart kissing Sam. Rather, she’s using a potion to cause him to hallucinate their bedroom scene. In reality, Toni is slicing up Sam in an attempt to get him to give her names of hunters, as well as passcodes to the databases in the bunker.

And when they’re done there? Yeah, she’d like to talk about Ruby, so there’s a blast from the past for all of you! Remember when Sam drank demon blood and also slept with a demon?! Well, apparently, Toni is still hung up on it (or maybe she’s just jealous). However, Toni gets some bad news of her own when Mick — who? — calls and tells her that her hitwoman friend is dead. Also, it seems Toni disobeyed her orders.

Elsewhere, Castiel is still looking for Sam in Missouri when he calls Dean with an update. But what Dean could really use is some advice about how to handle mom being in the bunker. Dean’s trying not to overwhelm her, but as Cas advises him, “Don’t make things needlessly complicated as you humans tend to do.” (If only he’d given teenage me this advice, amirite?)

Just as Dean hangs up, mom enters to continue learning about what the internet is/does. She, of course, overheard Dean saying he was worried about overwhelming her, and she assures her son that she just needs a moment to catch up. Her biggest concern? Facing Sam. After all, she started all of this, yellow-eyed demon and all.

The next morning, Mary tells Dean that she’s been having dreams about the “great father” John was — awkward, much? — before Cas calls. He’s found Sam’s location (though he still doesn’t know what a “headline” is). Just like that, Dean and Mary, who won’t take no for an answer, are on the road. And I don’t know about you guys, but she never felt more like Dean’s mother than in the moment she told him, “good talk.”

So while they head off to rescue Sam, we catch up with Rowena, who’s enjoying a date in Boca Raton when Crowley shows up to ruin her dreams of a monster-free existence. (And you know she’s done with the life when she’s no longer wearing a fabulous gown.)

Crowley promises to leave her alone to marry rich but only after she helps him locate Lucifer. And speaking of the devil — literally — he finds himself a new vessel in rocker Vince Vincente. It seems Vince lost the woman he loved a few years ago, so all it takes to get Vince to say yes is for Lucifer to inhabit said woman and boom, he’s got another vessel.

Moments later, when Rowena runs into a road block in tracking Lucy, we get this amazing exchange:

Crowley: “What’s the bloody hold-up? He’s the one and only Satan in the phone book.”

Rowena: “It’s witchcraft, not Google Maps.”

But eventually, Rowena does track Lucy down. Now, Crowley just needs her help to put him back in the cage. Spoiler: They fail. And when that happens, Crowley runs, leaving behind his mother without a second thought. But this time around, Lucifer doesn’t kill Rowena. Nope, he has a better plan: Keep her as a prisoner in order to use her magic (and the Book of the Damned) to his advantage. Translation: Crowley’s really screwed.

NEXT: Mary, back in action


On the road, Dean catches Mary up on some parts of their life. “You know when you died, it changed dad,” Dean tells her. He goes on to explain that Sam got out of the hunting life and went to Stanford before he was pulled back in. As Dean puts it, one thing became clear to both brothers: “The only thing we had in this world, the only thing, aside from this car, was each other.”

And for now, that’s all the history mom’s going to get, because it’s time for Dean to rescue Sam. And by rescue Sam, I mean get himself captured by Toni so that she can torture both brothers and ask Dean all about Benny. (This girl really is hung up on the past, huh?)

Sam tries to catch Dean up on the situation, but thankfully, Mary shows up and tells Toni to “get away from my boys.” YOU GO MOM! After a scuffle — and a Chinese mind control technique? — the Winchesters are nearly free when Mick shows up with Cas in tow.

Mick, another member of the British Men of Letters, apologizes for Toni’s behavior and promises that she will be punished. It seems Mick has been told to extend an olive branch to the Winchesters. Furthermore, he gives Cas — who sweats under no circumstances — his card and tells them all to think it over.

Cut to Toni and Mick in the car, where he admits that the Winchesters might get in the way of their goal, which is to end the supernatural threat in America. And if that’s the case, he’s prepared to kill them. Heck, he’s already called some guy we can only assume is a super assassin? Sweet.

Back at the bunker, Dean learns the truth about mom’s meatloaf — it was store-bought — before showing her just how much he still likes pie. Mom then gives us this gem: “We should call the internet and find out as much as we can about these people.” So close, Mary. So close.

Later that night, Sam brings Mary a cup of tea, along with John’s journal in the hopes that it will fill in some of the blanks for her. Then, he makes me sob with this line, “Mom, for me, having you here fills in the biggest blank.” AND THEN THEY HUG.

Yeah, I’m a goner.

Altogether, it wasn’t a remarkable hour, but it was filled with a lot of necessary story in order to set up the season. Now that the Winchesters are back together and Lucifer has a new vessel, I’m excited to see where we go from here.

Episode Grade: B-